Real Rehearsal Dinner- Jinger and Calvin, Osa Peninsula

Mason Jar Cup

Cheers from the deep jungles of the Osa Peninsula! Jinger and Calvin are an intrepid couple who wanted to celebrate their wedding off the beaten path…waaaaay off the path! Having hiked through Corcovado National Park on prior trip, they decided to share the untouched beauty of Southern Costa Rica with 50 of their nearest and dearest. The crew from New York City found themselves completely off the grid (no power or phone lines, only solar power) in one of the most heart-stoppingly gorgeous places on Earth. Crashing Pacific Ocean butting up against thick, lush jungle. A romance novel come to life.

The lovely and intimate Blue Osa Yoga Resort and Retreat was home to the festivities and what warm, gracious hosts they were! Amazing food, lovely location and fabulous staff. If you’re looking for a getaway in the heart of Nature, this is the place!

Reception Area Osa Wedding Kicking things off was the rehearsal dinner, which had a vintage vibe to it. As there is no AC at Blue Osa, we had to be creative with our decor and therefore, we opted for no flowers. Jute runners, mismatched floral napkins and mason jars wrapped in lace with floating candles created inviting and homey tables. Mason jars with coloured paper straws and kraft paper tags with Salud! welcomed each guest to their seat.

Guest Seating Osa Wedding

Two over-sized blackboards served as the seating list.

Table Setting and CandlesFun fact: Jinger and Calvin are both mathematicians as are many of their friends. Rather than use simple numbers as a table number, they opted for mathematical equations. And not just any ole equation. Oh no. Our creative couple carefully chose each equation to match the personalities of each particular table. You can only guess at the ensuing hijinx from the Chaos table!

A Brit & A Blonde_ Jinger and Calvin-18

Full disclosure from me – math was the bane of my high school existence. Subsequently, I have absolutely no clue what any of these equations are and looking at them causes me to hyperventilate a bit. I am in awe of the genius of Calvin, Jinger and their crew with well-defined left-hemispheres.

Table setting

Mason Jar Cups

Rehearsal Dinner Floral Decor

Table Setting for Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner Table Decor

Osa Wedding Decor

Costa Rican Beer What’s more fun that a tub full of Costa Rican beer? Actually, I can’t think of anything. An ice-cold Libertas craft-brew has to be tasted. Heavenly!

Big shout out to the crazily talented dynamic duo A Brit & A Blonde for the fab fotos. Stay tuned for the fabulous wedding photos to follow!

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