Real Wedding- Sabina and Michael, Mehndi Ceremony, Flamingo Beach

0043I received a phone call one day from someone who wanted to plan a mehndi ceremony for his cousin, as a gift to his uncle for all the support he’d received over the years.

Great, I said. When is it?

In four weeks.

Silence on my end of the line. Yup. Four weeks to plan a mehndi ceremony for 120 people. Being someone who never backs down from a challenge, I said OK. And away we went…

The original plan had the entire to-do at a villa the family had rented. However, upon check in on Sunday, they decided to move locations, leaving me only a few days to find a spot in the Brasilito/Flamingo/Conchal area that could fit 120 people, a horse, fireworks, had electricity/water/bathrooms and was close-by Mar y Sol Restaurant in Flamingo and that the family approved of. Thanks to the help of the always awesome Jean-Luc Taulere, chef extraordinaire at Pangas and Mar y Sol, we set up on his beach volleyball court in front of his Coco Loco Beach Bar in Flamingo Beach. PERFECT!!


We went with a sunny and tropical colour palette, full of sunshiny yellow, fabulous fuchsia and awesome orange with touches of gold.



Chains of mums were strung to create a curtain behind the staging where the couple would receive their guests and wishes for a sweet marriage.


The bride’s family provided everyone at the ceremony with traditional garb from Bangladesh, even the horse handler!

Orange lily Cocktail Table Arrangement

Asiatic lillies added a punch of colour to the cocktail tables set up on the beach.

Customized Bar Table Initials

No detail is too small – here, we adorned the light-up bar with the couple’s initials.

Birds of Paradise Flower Arrangement

Roses, orchids, Birds of Paradise, mums all combine to create a dramatic floral display.

Groom and Groomsmen The groom and his men await the arrival of his bride-to-be.

Bride Entrance Mehndi CeremonyHere comes the bride, resplendent in traditional finery!!

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony on the beach

Mehndi Ceremony Bride

Guests place henna on the couple’s faces, wishing them happiness together.

Mehndi Wedding Cake

Even the cake was a cultural experience, featuring decor reminiscent of traditional mehndi art.

Mehndi Ceremony FireworksWhat better way to finish a colourful and exuberant mehndi celebration that with fabulous fireworks?!

As challenges go, this was one of the biggest we’ve had due to the tight-timelines, locations and large number of people. However, we are pleased to report it was a massive success all around and the client – well, he had an ear-to-ear grin the entire night. Mission complete!

Huge thanks to Comfort Studio for the fab photos!!

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