Meet the Bride – Shaya!

Please welcome Shaya, a bride from the frozen foothills of Calgary, Alberta (I used to live up the highway in Edmonton – cccccoooold!). But we know her wedding will be hot, hot HOT – did I mention they’re doing a photo shoot with a dirt bike? Too. much. fun.SB17

Name   Shaya Dawn Carlson

Wedding Date  Feb 2nd, 2013
Wedding Location   Manuel Antonio, CR
What do you do? Trauma nurse for work, and anything outdoors for fun
Why did you choose Costa Rica? Both of us have always wanted to see the beautiful country and we knew it was time to start planning our wedding, so we couldn’t think of a better way to spend our wedding and our vacation, than with family and friends in paradise, Costa Rica 🙂
My favorite clothing item is… Sandals….does that count as clothing??  If I could wear sandals all year long, I would.  Unfortunately that’s not an option with all the snow here in Canada!
My perfect day is… A day with Brad having a nice breakfast, doing some sort of outdoor activity (dirtbiking, running with the dogs, hanging out at the River, etc) and maybe a movie and snacks to end the evening.
Favorite element in the wedding… Being able to have the dinner, reception and dance all in one place, with the ocean and jungle as our background, in such a care-free atmosphere.
My advice to other destination brides… Definitely get a good wedding planner!!  It makes ALL the difference.
My 3 favorite wedding blogs are…

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