Real Wedding, Tracy and Phillip-Playa Hermosa

What do you get when you take a couple who met while surfing, mix with family and friends in front of their favourite surf break and add in a healthy dash of colour and style? A laid-back yet gorgeous wedding that is truly Pura Vida! Tracy and Phillip met while surfing at the famous Marea Brava surf break in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. When they decided to marry, there was no question as to the location. And what a stunning location!

Loved the bride’s bouquet of blue hydrangeas and white roses.  And the chignon with a large white fabric flower was a perfect, beach wedding hairstyle – kept her cool and poised whilst showing off her luscious natural wavy hair.

Being the end of June, the weather was a bit touch and go (we had a perfect day up until the last half hour of the night – thank goodness for tenting!). The sky was a bit grey but it added drama to the white, light blue and rose red colour scheme. The dark sand of Playa Hermsoa, the green of the palms, blue of the ocean with it’s white crashing waves set a stunning stage for Tracy and Phil’s nuptials.

Ceremony programs featured a palm motif while the fans, handmade by an indigenous women’s cooperative near Puriscal, had a red ribbon woven through to add a pop of colour.

Big, beautiful blue hydrangeas for the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

A canopy of dark bamboo with sheer, white material was completed with arrangements of blue hydrangeas and white dendrobium orchids. Driftwood on the beach was perfectly at home in the rustic, natural setting.

Phil and his groomsmen looking sharp in their linen shirts with boutonnieres of white dendrobium orchids.

Love the bridesmaids’ dresses!! The red floral pattern against the light blue of the hydrangea bouquets is so cheery!

During the ceremony, a water blessing ceremony was performed. Phil’s children took handmade precious wooden bowls (made in Costa Rica), filled with sea water, to every guest and had them place their hands in the water to send a blessing or intention for the couple’s marriage. The water was then poured into one larger bowl with the wedding rings so the rings would be ‘blessed’. After exchanging rings, Tracy and Phil then poured the water into the ocean, releasing the blessings to the rest of the Universe. It’s a lovely ceremony and brought the children into the ritual of their father’s new marriage and creation of the new family unit.

What a sunset!!

Cocktail hour bar featured the couple’s initials out of blue hydrangeas.

Dinner was under a clear tent with blue and white paper lanterns. Sheer aqua overlays were punctuated with red napkins, red glass votives and bright red flowers. Mahogany Chiaveri chairs gave a grounded, ‘earthy’ element to the overall decor scheme.  We alternated low and high table arrangements to give visual interest (it also helps the budget, as low arrangements are usually less money than their soaring counterparts).

Keeping the fun beach theme, seating cards were paper umbrellas and tables were named after the couple’s favourite surf breaks, which brought a very personal element to the wedding.

Chairs of white dendrobium orchid buds with red roses marked the bride and groom’s seats of honour.

Table names were framed by red roses, adding an unexpected touch to the tables.

Since there were a number of children at the wedding, we created a table covered in kraft paper just for them. Each child had a pail filled with age appropriate toys waiting for them, as well as stickers and crayons to use on the table. A bowl of cookies in the wedding colors was just for them.  And how about the arrangement created out of candies? Huge hit with the kiddies and parents were relieved to see the children occupied and having fun. Children love to feel special and taking the time to create something ‘just for them’ makes them feel incredibly welcome.

A relaxing lounge, with pillows in the wedding colors, was a favourite spot for guests to relax in between dance sets.

How adorable is this cake?? The surfing couple were made to look like Tracy and Phil. Too cute! A seashell cake base rounded out the surfing theme.

First dance magic. Tracy was one smart bride by exchanging her long, fancy HOT wedding dress for a lightweight sundress for the reception. Beach brides take note – you’ll be a lot cooler (and happier) for the dancing if you’re in a comfortable dress!

Congratulations again to Tracy and Phillip! Such an honour and joy to work with you on such a magical day!

Huge ‘gracias’ to Eduardo Lopez for his fine work behind the lens.

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