High Heels at an Outdoor Wedding?

It’s a fact – high heels and the great outdoors are not mixy. At all.  Lawns will chew up a pair of Jimmy Choos like a ravished tiger at a butchershop. So what is a stylish bride and her entourage to do?

Check out SoleMates High Heeler, a nifty little bit of plastic that fits over the heel of your shoe and prevents you from sinking into the grass.  By increasing the area of the heel, the pressure is reduced from this area, making you less likely to sink into the ground or slip into a crack. They also save the heel tip from being damaged by gravel. Smart!

If your wedding is on a lawn, pick up a pair of SoleMates and give a pair to each of your bridesmaids – they (and their shoes) will love you for it!

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