Real Wedding-Erin and Matthew, Arenal Nayara

Erin and Matt had an amazing zest for life and adventurous spirit. Marrying at the base of the rumbling Arenal Volcano was the perfect spot for this outgoing couple and I think the bride colors of fuchsia, cymbidium green and orange matched their colorful personalities perfectly. Love their invites that looked like airline tickets!

Arenal Nayara is such an amazing hotel! Incredible views and first class accommodations.

Nayara’s gardens offer an intimate location with a jaw-dropping view of the volcano. Bright flowers really pop against all the greenery.

Purple phaeleonopsis orchids are so elegant in Erin’s hair!

Awesome shoe and ring shot!!

Even the volcano came out to celebrate! It was clear viewing all day – what a wedding gift from Mother Nature!

Totally coveting Erin’s fuchsia shoes!

Everything is totally ‘pura vida’ for these two lovebirds.

Ginger, vanda orchids and dendrobium orchids create a riot of color in Erin’s bouquet.

More orchids to create a colorful table setting.

Why yes, that IS a parrot on the bride’s arm! Nayara has two talkative macaws that roam the property and love to be the center of attention.

The reception was held on the deck at Nayara’s wine bar. Mahogany chairs and chargers add depth and ground the colorful linens and flowers.

How cool a cake was this? Erin found an artist on Etsy to recreate the two of them as South Park characters. Check out the beer in Matt’s hand – the detailing isΒ  awesome!!!!!!! And the volcano behind the cake? Priceless.

Candles make everything look so romantic.

Congratulations again to Erin and Matt. It was F.U.N.!!! Fantastic setting for a fantastic couple and we are so thrilled to have been a part of it all. Huge ‘gracias’ to El Velo for the great photos.

10 thoughts on “Real Wedding-Erin and Matthew, Arenal Nayara

  1. Erin

    Awww! I loved seeing this link on Twitter yesterday!! πŸ™‚ I love looking at these pictures and could never get tired of seeing them!! Thanks again for making our day amazing! No way we could have pulled it off without you!

      • Erin Petz

        Finding the perfect fushia shoes was a real challenge. I ordered a few from, and I’m not positive exactly which site THESE exact ones came from, but all 3 websites offer free shipping & free return shipping.

  2. Visnee

    Congratulations! This is beautiful! Pretty much how I would like to do my own wedding πŸ™‚ Was the wedding itself in late Nov/early Dec? It is hard receiving accurate weather for Arenal specifically so I was curious. I love every detail about this wedding so much!! I hope I can do something similar to this next year! ❀

    • Erin

      Thank you! We were married on April 30, 2011. It was very hot and humid and I had fans blowing up my wedding dress!!! We had a beautiful day with the volcano, but I will tell you of our 7 days in Arenal it was the ONLY one we could see the peak of the volcano for almost the whole day. We saw it again only for an hour or so at a time otherwise there was a lot of fog and cloud cover. We were looking to keep costs down for our guests so we wanted to get married close Green Season (starts May 1). I know from what I read and heard from others Nov/Dec would be perfect at the Volcano. It was BEAUTIFUL and unique and very few people can say they got married in front of a Volcano. Good Luck to you & if you haven’t already, hire Larissa because she is the BEST! While I gave her colors and sent a few pictures of things, I had little to nothing to do with the amazingness you see up above! She had a clear vision from the little information I gave, and being a Type A personality is was difficult to give up the control. In the end it was SO well worth it!

      • Steve

        Hey Erin, amazing photos! We are also getting married there this year. Just curious as to who did your hair, make up and photos as everything is so perfect? This is all a gamble to us as don’t know anyone personally who married at Nayara! Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Erin

        Steve, Thanks so much. Nayara was amazing! We took a huge gamble as well. We went in blind when we chose Costa Rica and didn’t know where to start, which is how we ending up hiring “Weddings Costa Rica” Larissa was extremely reasonably priced and we felt like without having someone with experience there was no way I could do it. She sent us a list of about 5 or 6 photographers in our price range, and we looked at their websites and gallorys and chose El Velo. They did an amazing job. I gave Larissa colors that I wanted and she did everything. She found someone to do my hair and makeup as well. We never intended to hire a wedding planner, but in the end I cannot say enough about it! We would have been lost and had no concept of vendors to choose from. I highly recommend going this route.

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