Real Wedding-Christie and Dan, Zephyr Palace, Villa Caletas

Christie and Dan are two of the funnest people I’ve every met. Really. F.U. N.  Every Skype call was a non-stop laff-a-thon and the wedding was no different. No stuffy pretenses here – these two love Life and each other and wanted their wedding to be a non-stop party. And boy, did they rock Zephyr Palace!

Loved the handtied bouquet with white cala lillies, orange roses, green hydrangeas, orange cockscomb and dendrobium green orchids!

Dan’s khaki suit had a pop of color from his boutonniere, featuring dendrobium orchids and thin bamboo.

Who’s that girl officiating? None other than your’s truly! When the lawyer was caught in traffic due to an accident, I stepped in to keep the day running on schedule. Being ordained is part of my emergency kit, though I’ve never actually had to use it.

Love, sweet love!

These bridesmaids know how to keep their cool.

Each table featured a slightly different floral arrangement, using tulips, hydrangeas, roses, dendrobium orchids and some other exotics that I’d never seen before (our florist is amazing and her family owns a number of flower farms with unique species).

Dan owns a fresh seafood distribution company so we went with a decidedly ‘fishy’ theme. Each table was named after a different fish and the seating cards were the shape of each table’s fish, hung on a real fishing hook.

Tables were clad in sheer aqua overlays, which shimmered in the candlelight. Antique gold chargers and frames gave a rich tone. Each napkin featured a real fishing lure, another nod to Dan’s passion for the ocean and the couple’s playfulness. And did we mention the Siamese Fighting Fish that were in the vases? Another ‘cool’ element!

And no wedding is complete without a couple of friends dressed like Dumb & Dumber…

Wedding tip = place your bouquets in vases to dress up a table at the ceremony!

We strung rows of Christmas lights throughout the ceiling and had professional lighting to change the mood of the room. Gorgeous!!!

Congratulations to Christie and Dan once more! It was one of the funnest weddings EVER!!!!

Huge thanks to Dan Power for his wonderful photography.

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