Meet the Bride-Shawn Marie!

Name: Shawn Marie Story

Wedding Date: October 7, 2011

Wedding Location: Shawandha Lodge, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

What do you do?

I am a Deputy Legislative Counsel in the Office of Legislative Counsel for the Georgia General Assembly.  Essentially, I draft bills, conduct research, attend meetings, and handle litigation on behalf of the state representatives and senators for the State of Georgia.

Why did you choose Costa Rica?

It is a beautiful, friendly country with so many activities to do and things to see for guests of any age.  We could get legally married there on a sunny, warm beach in October in a rainforest setting.

My favorite clothing item is…

I love my wedding dress (selected at the first store I looked – off the rack and on sale just a little over two months before wedding) even though I did go into the ocean in it afterwards.  I think it held up pretty well.  My favorite everyday item of clothing is a gray t-shirt by Frenchi I bought at Nordstrom’s.  It is super comfy yet with a sexy flair.

My perfect day is…

One spent with Thomas.  We always have fun together whether it is watching a sunrise or sunset, snuggling with our cat Mookie, walking to the grocery store or the Botanical Gardens, attending a baseball game, taking in an art show, etc.

Favorite element in the wedding…

The creativity.  My finance and I designed all of the elements in our wedding together with the help of Larissa of Weddings Costa Rica and then she and her team made these creative designs a reality.

My advice to other destination brides…

Hire a wedding planner who welcomes a challenge and who thinks outside the box. Select someone who is willing to take an idea and help you make it your own. Personalize the occasion by adding your own style and your individuality to your wedding day.  Also, if you are inviting a group to accompany you to the destination, think of having not just a destination wedding but instead planning a “Vacation Wedding Adventure,” where the guests explore as a group with you all of the sites and activities the location has to offer before the wedding, making the occasion a trip of a lifetime for friends and family alike.  We did this with the help of Latitudes-The Adventure Co. and Terraventuras.

My 3 favorite wedding blogs are: (Okay, I know it is not a blog although they do have one, but you can find inspiration there for just about any idea you might have.)

Weddings Costa Rica (Larissa and her team have done some amazing destination weddings)

Pinterest (Again, not a blog but but has all of the best from every blog and website. Larissa turned me onto this site.)

2 thoughts on “Meet the Bride-Shawn Marie!

  1. trel

    Everything about this wedding adventure was amazing! All details were attended. They activities were uniting which was reflected ten fold in the wedding ceremony itself. Never was a setting more perfect, an itenery more uniting, and a ceremony more spiritual!

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