Real Wedding – Crystal and Jarret, Ocotal Beach

Crystal and Jarret’s destination wedding at Ocotal Beach, in northwestern Costa Rica, was intimate and filled with love – overflowing, great bunches of heart-singing love! Gorgeous bride, handsome groom (who was a former model), uber-cool family and friends, great location all equal a gem of a wedding. Add in the dreamy photos by El Velo and you have tropical wedding delight!


Look at the pure joy on Jarret’s face when he sees his bride for the first time! How adorable is that little flower girl? For music, we had a typical marimba band, which is the national instrument of Costa Rica and hails from the province of Guanacaste (where Ocotal is situated). Similar to a xylophone, the marimba gives off a lovely, light sound that is very musical and perfect for the beach. The sand ceremony featured glasses with their initial painted on each.

How dashing is Jarret? How breathtaking does Crystal look with her veil all windswept and sexy?

Yellow and white calas popped deliciously against the sapphire blue of the bridesmaids.

Bright tropical flowers, including ginger, birds of paradise, lluvia d’oro orchids, Karen orchids and dendrobium orchids, look so cheery against the ocean backdrop.

In lieu of favors, the couple made donations to the Diabetes and MS foundations, two organizations that hold a special place in their hearts due to health afflictions of close family.

Reception was back at Villa Cascada, with its commanding view of the Ocotal Beach and Gulf of Papagayo. We went for a relaxed, lounge vibe, with cocktail and bistro tables, white flowers, white pillar candles, white paper lanterns and floating candles in the pool.

Mmmm, cupcakes! How sweet love is!

Congratulations, Crystal and Jarret! It was a blast working with you and we wish you many years of happiness đŸ™‚

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