Rehearsal Dinner Decor Idea – Coffee Finca!

Costa Rica is the land the coffee built – the ‘golden bean’ helped catapult this tiny country from being the original Banana Republic to become one of the most cultured countries in Latin America (and one of the first in the world to have  electric street lights). Still today, Costa Rican java is regarded as some of the best in the world. So, taking inspiration from coffee culture for your destination wedding rehearsal dinner seems like a natural fit.

A recent rehearsal dinner at the JW Marriott saw us do just that – we wanted to incorporate items from a ‘cafetal’ (coffee farm) into our dinner. We scoured antique stores in San Jose for old Dos Pinos milk bottles, coffee pots, tin mugs and other items one might find on an old coffee plantation. Runners were sewn from old jute coffee sacks and silkscreened with a tucan motif (a prominent bird in Costa Rica). Mason jars doubled as vases as well as candle holders (perfect to shield candles from the ever-present sea breezes) and clay coffee mugs and pots from the artisan town of Santa Ana held colourful tropical flowers. Seating cards were printed on paper made from coffee plants and placed in a coffee picker’s basked filled with roasted coffee beans. The result was a true delight for all the senses!

What Costa Rican elements are you incorporating into your wedding celebrations?

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