The Royal Wedding – Tropical Style!

Loved Catherine and William’s royal aisle style but aren’t sure how to translate some royal elements into your big day in Costa Rica?  Here are our top tips on how to be a princess for a day in the land of Pura Vida…

a) Hair – Kate is known for her relaxed elegance and lush locks. Her wedding hairdo was a perfect coif called a ‘demi-chignon’ , a half-chignon and loose curls, which would work wonderfully for a tropical beach wedding. Tip – be sure to apply a good anti-frizz cream as the humidity of Costa Rica can cause unruly frizzies.

b) Makeup – Fresh and dewy with just the right amount of blusher made Catherine a gorgeous blushing bride. By choosing the perfect foundation and applying it with a light hand, Kate looked great. Tip – opt for a water-based foundation to keep your look light and natural and bring along plenty of blotting tissues to keep your shine to a minimum in the tropical heat.

c) Lipstick – No hot red or barely there beige for the new Princess, who wisely chose a medium pink gloss that enhanced her natural beauty. Tip – skip the dramatic lips and choose a lipstick that gives you a warm, sun-kissed smile.

d) Bouquet – A small, shield-shaped wired bouquet, Catherine chose flowers that had special meaning for her, the Royal family and had fitting significance in the Language of Flowers. Myrtle (from the plant of Queen Victoria), Lily of the Valley (return of happiness), Sweet William (a sweet tribute to her William!), hyacinth (constancy of love), ivy (friendship). Unfortunately, other than the ivy, we have none of these flowers in Costa Rica, however, we have beautiful orchids that could be wired to give a similar feel. Tip – look through the Language of Flowers and choose buds who have a special meaning for you and your sweetie.

e) Wedding Dress – What a dress! Ivory with a lace overlay, the dress showed off Catherine’s slim torso, evoked memories of elegant Grace Kelly yet was thoroughly modern. Most importantly, it allowed Kate to move freely, wasn’t cumbersome nor wrinkled in the slightest (remember Princess Diana’s badly creased train?). Kate’s dress (minus the 10 foot train) would be fitting for a tropical wedding, thanks to the lace sleeves, full yet not too full skirt and simple elegance. Tip – Keep in mind where you’re marrying and what will work for the location’s conditions.

f) Bridesmaid’s Dress – While Catherine was the focus of the day, her sister Pippa stole the show in her body-skimming white gown. Simple, elegant and gorgeous, this was a knock out number that looks equally at home on the beaches of Manuel Antonio as it did in Westminster Abbey. Tip – White is a fresh, cool color for a beach wedding and a fab choice for your bridal party.

g) Enjoy – Despite the pomp, circumstance, dignitaries and 2 billion people watching, Catherine and William seemed relaxed and really enjoying the moment. They were just plain happy! And that, dear readers, is what the day is all about – sharing your happiness at being united in marriage. Tip – Be happy and enjoy.

Congratulations to Catherine and William! Welcome to Club Wed 😉

All photos not credited are Getty Images.

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