Flower Statues

I’m always looking for fun additions to decor that are out of the ordinary and one of my faves is creating statues out of flowers. It’s not something every florist can do (or do well) but luckily, we have one that is extremely talented.

photo by Lifetime Digital

One groom was a professional sportfisher so his bride surprised him by having a swordfish adorn the cocktail table. ‘Fishtail’ leaves were its scales and a cloud of blue hydrangeas provided the ‘water’.

photo by Dan Power

Another wedding had a butterfly motif so we created a statue of a ‘mariposa’ out of button mums and hydrangeas.

photo by mark-brian photography

For a recent Hindu wedding, we had a small elephant theme going on (the elephant god Ganesh is a popular one as he is the remover of obstacles and the Lord of Success in Hinduism). Seating cards were tiny silver elephants and we decided to make the centrepiece for the seating card table a huge elephant. Needless to say, it was a showstopper. Eucalyptus leaves were its ‘skin’ and buttom mums with crystals (mimicking the ceremony decor) gave him a celebratory air. And his eyes? Dried almonds. Brilliant.

What ideas do you have for your seating card table?

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