Rain, Rain…

I have some bad new, and some worse news. The prognosis is in for the rest of the 2010 Rainy Season and it doesn’t look good, folks. Thanks to El Nina, most of Costa Rica is looking at a 70% increase in rain over the next three months and the season is expected to last two weeks longer than normal. Rain and lots of it, with the province of Guanacaste (home to popular beach towns like Coco, Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal) being hardest hit.

So, if your wedding is anytime between now and Christmas on the Pacific Coast or Central Valley, plan for rain and have sunshine as your Plan B. If you haven’t put your order in for tents by now, get on it as there are a limited number of tents in the country (and even fewer really nice tents).

The good news? The Caribbean coast is looking at 10% less rain than normal during this time, which is also its summer so you might want to head over to the ‘funky’ coast of Costa Rica for better weather.

But with a little preplanning, and the right attitude, a little rain shouldn’t spoil your celebration. You’re marrying your best friend and what could be a happier occasion?

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