Meet the Bride – Katherine Whitaker!

It’s been a while but Meet the Bride is back from hiatus! We’ll be featuring clients of Weddings Costa Rica as they prep for their big days and share some tips and experiences. Today, we meet one of the funnest brides I’ve worked with, Katherine (who has the market cornered on interesting wedding dreams). Welcome, Katherine!

Name: Katherine Whitaker

Wedding Date: November 13th, 2010

Wedding Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
What do you do?: Lead singer of The Design,

Why did you choose Costa Rica?: We were looking for a Pacific Coast location (rocky dramatic beach setting) that wasn’t so far away.
My favorite clothing item is…my vintage frilly western shirt from Jo S. A. Banks (via Urban Outfitters)
My perfect day is…a fattening breakfast made by my fiancé, Guillaume, the afternoon spent on a blanket in the park, and a night spent playing to a packed house
Favorite element in the wedding…the background of the ceremony/reception: a gorgeous cliff-side view of the ocean mixed with pretty little white hanging lights
My advice to other destination brides…hire a wedding planner (Larissa), because there’s no way on earth I would have ever been able to find/know all the resources she had/found.
My 3 favorite wedding blogs are…Weddings Costa Rica, Style Me Pretty, and Wedinator
And readers, please take a moment to help out Katherine and her band, The Design, win The Subway Fresh Artist’s Competition! Go to Ourstage, make an account and click JUDGE. Under the heading SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST COMPETITION click on the second one with North Carolina. Click on the JUDGE tab, listen to the songs and (hopefully) you’ll love and vote for LAZIEST PERFECTIONIST.
Good luck, Katherine! We’ll see you at the Grammys one day 😉
Wow, is she fierce or what?!

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