It’s Raining…

If you’re planning your wedding during the Green Season (the euphenism for ‘Rainy Season’ here in Costa Rica,which is typically end of April to beginning of December), be sure to plan for rain. Lots of rain. A tent or covered area for the ceremony and a sheltered area for the reception. Given how heavy the rains can be, I recommend having the reception is a constructed area (as opposed to a tent). Case in point – had a wedding on Tuesday and we were deluged throughout the evening with incredible rain and wind. Had we been in a tent, we would have been floating away. A tented reception is best avoided during the heavier part of the rainy season, which is typically mid- late May, mid-late July through to mid-November.

Another option could be a morning wedding ceremony, as the earlier part of the day is usually sunny and bright. You could either follow with a luncheon reception or have a dinner/dance reception later in the evening. But whatever you decide, a little rain planning will lower everyone’s stress levels and ensure your day runs smoothly. And if it does rain, remember that those raindrops are considered to be lucky for love.

Photo by El Velo Photography

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