Have Dress, Will Travel?

One of the biggest headaches of a destination wedding is what to do with your wedding dress. You do NOT want to check it with your luggage (repeat, DO NOT CHECK IT). Why? Two words – lost luggage. Need I say more?

So that leaves carry on. And gone are the days where the helpful stewardess would lovingly place your treasured dress in the closet up in First Class. So what’s a bride to do? Check out the Destination Wedding Kits offered by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists for $52.95. Here’s the scoop in their own words:

Now your gown can travel safely with you to your destination wedding! Specially designed to fit into the overhead space above your seat, your Destination Wedding Kit goes through security with you when you board the plane. No need to check your gown with your luggage and worry about it getting lost. Kit comes with 20” x 17” x 7” acid-free container for your gown, 56 sheets of acid-free paper for packing, packing instructions, a stain stick for wedding-day emergencies, and a sturdy carton to place over the container. Carton has a handle for easy carrying. Caution: check dimensions with your carrier before going to the airport.

So, there you have it! Check out your airlines’ restrictions but this might just be the ticket to ensuring your dress makes it to your wedding looking fresh and lovely! And remember, soon as you check in to your hotel, take the dress out of the packing and hang it, as the humidity will help release any wrinkles.

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