Inside Weddings Magazine – Shameless Plug!

We’re thrilled to be featured in this month’s Inside Weddings Magazine! If you’re not familiar with it, this publication focuses on only a handful of real weddings per issue, with the emphasis on upscale events.  It’s not an easy book to get into so we’re over the moon that Leslie and Michael’s wedding at Zephyr Palace last July 4th made the grade!

This was a wedding with tons of details – a logo of their initials which we incorporated on the cake, custom-made table runners, custom-made pillow covers for the lounge and on the invites. Using a color palette of mahogany, orange, cream and a touch of sapphire blue, we wanted to create an organic feel to the decor but with an understated elegance. We strung 50 strings of single orange rose petals glued onto fishing wire and glass lanterns from the ceiling so they ‘floated’ over the dining area. Three long imperial tables hosted the 70 guests, giving an intimate vibe while seating cards were hand calligraphied Mexican tiles, which matched the design on the couple’s wedding invitations.

Although it didn’t rain on the wedding day (it poured the next day, during their post-wedding photo session), the last thing we wanted was to tempt the Fates so tenting covered the terrace, which we incorporated into the design concept. Hundreds of roses, vases of flowers and hanging glass lanterns were suspended from the ceiling. The result was magical 🙂

Here’s some more eye candy. Enjoy!

Congratulations again to Leslie and Michael! It was an absolute joy working with you and hands down, one of my all time favourite events ever!

And many thanks to the incomparable Paula Luna of Luna Photography for her spectacular shots! Hope to have you down here again soon 😉

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