Guilt Free Chocolate!

I’ve discovered a wonderful chocolate made here in Costa Rica, deep in the South Pacific region of the Osa Penninsula. I admit upfront that I am not a chocoholic nor do I care much for the stuff (I know, I’m strange that way) but this organic bar, made with bits of macademia nuts and spiced with a touch of chili, had me craving more. As we do live in the tropics, chocolate is usually not so mixy with the heat and humidity but these dark, thick bars are made to withstand the conditions and are perfect to include in welcome baskets for your wedding guests or as wedding favours.

Made by Samaritan Xocolata, these are chocolates with a higher purpose as the owners are preserving and reforesting acres of pastureland on which the chocolate farm sits. The products are  all handmade from organically grown ingredients by local workers who are paid a fair wage. The owners’ mission is to lift people out of poverty while creating a self-sustaining co-operative that practices environmental stewardship. Yummy chocolates that you can feel good about – how cool is that?

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