Raindrops Falling On Your Head?

It’s official – the Green Season (the colloquialism use here for the Rainy Season) is here and in full swing with the prognosis that it’s going to be a heavy rainy season, ending in November. It’s been a strange year weatherwise, with rain falling every month at some point during the Dry Season, something none of us living here in Costa Rica can ever remember happening. Global warming, anyone?

So, dear bride, if you’re marrying here in at any point in 2010, be sure to have Plan B for inclement weather. That means a really good tent or location with a roof. When it rains, it could be a quick shower or a torrential downpour that lasts a couple of hours. Just having a few umbrellas for the ceremony might not cut it.

Tent rentals here are far more affordable than in North America – they are simpler affairs, mind you (none of the fancy pole tents or circus style tents requiring days of set up) but do the job and are attractive to boot. White and transparent tents are available. Be sure to ask for ‘canoas’ (gutters) to be included and go for the ‘deluxe’ tents as you want to have the fabric draping the ceiling and supporting poles (otherwise, you’re looking at ugly metal bars – eech).

In the photo above, we incorporated the tent into the decor – how pretty (taken with my iPhone so please forgive the quality!).

Here’s to sunny skies – but having a good tent as a backup plan will save you undue stress.

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