Real Wedding – Erika & Jeremy at Zephyr Palace/Villa Caletas

Erika was not your typical bride (check out those shoes – wowza!) and so, her wedding was not the typical affair. Armed with a wacky sense of humour, a razor-sharp intellect and a sense of adventure, Erika brought together an intimate yet diverse group of very interesting family and friends for a celebratory weekend at Villa Caletas this March.

The weather held out, blessing us with a sunny and bright afternoon. Working with a cheerful orange, fuschia and dendrobium green colour palette, we added in gold accents to give a bit more ‘formality’ to the feel – and given the opulence of the surroundings, it fit together perfectly. Here are some images…enjoy!

Dendrobium orchids, hydrangeas and callas in beautiful harmony for her bouquet.

For the reception, we made each table arrangement a bit different from the other, riffing on a theme you could say. Branches, Fuji mums, orange roses, orchids and crystals combined to create an elegant yet tropical feel to the room.

Here’s the set up in the daylight.

And at night…

Custom-made menus reflecting the reception colours perfectly. The only blip to the day was the wind (unusual for the Jaco area at that time of year) which blew out candles and sent the napkins floating about the room (hence the butter knife anchoring down the menu).

Lovely handmade orchids crown the cake.

And how better to close out a fantastic day than spectacular fireworks in the rainforest!

Congratulations again to Erika and Jeremy! It was a pleasure!!

Photos by the wildly talented Pennington Photography

6 thoughts on “Real Wedding – Erika & Jeremy at Zephyr Palace/Villa Caletas

  1. Jeremy

    Hi Larissa,

    I just wanted to thank you again for our amazing wedding! Erika sent me this link.

    You are truly the consummate professional in every capacity.

    From using your sixth sense and getting the fireworks going ahead of schedule when the parents were getting tired to helping Erika bussle her dress, you were amazing!

    Your attention to detail is incredible and I just can’t thank you enough!

    Thank you again for recommeding the Penningtons too! WOW! Mark and Joi were incredible!

    If you want a splendid wedding that everyone will enjoy then you want Larissa Banting!


    We are super grateful and sincerely appreciate what an amazing experience you created for us in Costa Rica 🙂


    • lazybride

      Wow, Jeremy, that is so incredibly kind of you! Thank you and I am so thrilled that you were so happy with everything – you truly have made my day (if not my month!!). You two ROCKED and I really had a blast at your wedding.
      Thanks again and hey, maybe I can hire you as my spokesperson ;)!

      Big hugs and happiness always to you and that brilliant wife of yours!

    • lazybride

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am a planner here in Costa Rica and I’d love to chat with you about your wedding. I’ll email you directly with more info. Cheers!

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