Cala Luna – Closed!

Cala LunaIf you haven’t heard the news, Hotel Cala Luna in Playa Langosta has closed its doors as of Saturday, September 5 indefinitely. Why? It’s a long story but in a nutshell, a bank purchased the hotel from the originally owners and had a management company running the hotel (since banks know lots about money but little about hotelery). It looked like things were going well – the hotel had made a number of upgrades to the property, had built a beautiful new spa and were offering some awesome incentives for weddings. For whatever reason, the bank wasn’t happy with the management so they informed them on Friday night that they were firing everyone and closing the hotel the next day.

They have refunded all the reservations thus far and my understanding is that they are looking for a new management company. Given that the bank needs to have the hotel up and running in order to make their investment profitable, my guess is that they’ll try to re-open as soon as possible. And, when you consider that the entire town of Tamarindo and Playa Langosta has a building moratorium right now (no construction within 500 metres of the hightide mark), this almost-beachfront hotel is prime real estate.

If you have planned your wedding at Cala Luna, my advice is to speak with your wedding coordinator. If it’s in the next two months or so, you will likely need to move locations. Otherwise, I’d bet a box of donuts that the doors will be open in time for the beginning of High Season (Christmas and onward) and you likely will have nothing to worry about.

One thought on “Cala Luna – Closed!

  1. rigo

    well, the version i have is that the new owner get a big loan in the bank to by the hotel, and with the economic contraction -no body is comming to tamarindo- he cant pay the payments.

    the bank took the hotel.

    also the law here in cr prohibit to fire employees just like that. if the bank owns the hotel and run it with a partner, the bank can not fire the people just like that.

    and you ok, the banks doesnt know how to run hotels… or nothing but money… and im not realy sure about that… haha.

    who knows the real truth…



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