Location, Location, Location – Villa Caletas’ Ampitheatre


Moving onto the ampitheatre, this is the showstopper at Villa Caletas. Built into the side of the mountain, it’s a touch of Greece in the midst of the rainforest. There is a lounge/bar at the top  along with a long, covered terrace, perfect for ceremony rain back up or dancing at the reception. An air-conditioned restaurant, with floor to ceiling windows, opens off of the terrace. It’s perfect for groups up to 60 people.

But the ampitheatre itself draws thousands of visitors every year as there is really not a better spot to watch the sun set while sipping a cool libation.

Pros – gorgeous spot, incredible view, one of the few air-conditioned reception locations in Costa Rica, site fees are reasonable

Cons – very steep stairs so not recommended for those suffering vertigo (no one has tumbled, knock on wood), needs a lot of flowers to give colour pop for photos (it’s a concrete bowl, afterall), ceremony space is private only for groups of 40 people or more (smaller groups have to deal with lookey-loos there for the sunset)

Photos by Lifetime Digital

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