New Blog!


So I’ve moved blogs and I hope you all enjoy the new look of Weddings Costa Rica Blog. The old blog is still around at so be sure to check out our old blog for great info.

Well, looks like the rainy season (or Green Season as they like to call it) has started in the Central Valley so that means we’ll be seeing showers on the Pacific Coast shortly so  you’ll need a rain plan if your wedding is happening anytime between now and November. My recommendation is to have an open-sided tent for a beach ceremony Plan B or have a covered location at the hotel or restaurant, etc. where you can move if the weather turns for the worse. If you don’t have a planner, nominate someone in your crew to be the weather person and settle on a time to make the ‘call’ on where you’re going to set up. Remember that chairs and decorations take time to move and set up so speak with those folks ahead of time to see how much time they’ll need for set up. Typically, the early part of the day is sunny with clouds moving in during the afternoon and a short shower hitting in the later afternoon/early evening – yes, right around sunset when we usually want to do the ceremony 😦

Keep in mind that the weather here in Costa Rica can change on a dime so don’t be lulled into a false sense of security if you wake up and see sunny skies. As the old saying goes here, ‘manana oscuro, tarde seguro’ which means ‘if the morning is cloudy, the afternoon should be rain free’. 

Here’s hoping your wedding skies are sunny and blue!

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