10 Reasons To Marry in Costa Rica

Getting married in Costa Rica has never been easier! Here are 10 reasons why Costa Rica is the hot spot for destination weddings in Latin America!

10 reasons to marry in Costa Rica

Thinking of marrying abroad in a beautiful, tropical location? There’s never been a better time than now to have your wedding celebration in Costa Rica. Here are 10 great reasons why the Land of Pura Vida is an excellent choice for an unforgettable wedding:

1.Safety – While other countries are experiencing extreme violence due to drug cartels and having travel bans issued, Costa Rica remains a safe country for tourists to visit. You don’t need to worry about walking around a beach town on your own or leaving the hotel property. Of course, you still need to use common sense and not leave personal items unattended at the beach or in your rental car (just as you wouldn’t at home). Having no army since 1949, Costa Rica places a high value on peace.

2. You Can drink the Water – That’s right, it’s fine to drink the water and eat the salads without fear of Montezuma’s Revenge. Water is potable in all but the most remote areas of the country. If you have a sensitive stomach, it’s best to use bottled water but nothing to fear when order fruits or vegetables that have been washed in tap water.

3. No Visa – Visitors with passports from most countries (including the USA, Canada, the UK and the EU) will not need a visa (for a complete list, please check here http://www.costarica-embassy.org/index.php?q=node/51). You will be issued a 90-Day Tourist visa in your passport when you enter Costa Rica, allowing you to freely travel the country for those three months. Just be sure your passport doesn’t expire for six months from your entry date into Costa Rica (ie if you’re entering Costa Rica on January 1, your passport cannot expire prior to July 1). And you’ll need proof of an on-ward air ticket.

4. Choices – Marrying in Costa Rica doesn’t mean your wedding will be relegated to the white chair cover with the pink or the blue sash. There are a number of rental shops in the country with everything from custom made teak dining tables and chairs to sequined tablecloths rivaling the swankiest shops in LA, usually at prices far below what you’d pay in your home country.  Whether your vision is Boho chic by the beach or an elegant affair in a luxury hotel on a rainforest mountain top or a sleek modern villa overlooking the ocean or a rustic lodge nestled under the shadow of a volcano, you’ll find the perfect setting in one of the 13 microclimates of Costa Rica. And our amazing rental shops have all you need to bring your vision to life.


5. Zika Isn’t A Huge Concern – Yes, we have Zika in Costa Rica, just as the USA does. Texas and South Florida both have the virus transmitted via mosquito and most of the USA has cases. In Costa Rica, the cases have been on the Caribbean coast, some in the Central Pacific (barrios in the Jaco area) and near Nosara in Guanacaste. To date, only one tourist has contracted Zika,  while on a yoga retreat in Nosara in 2016. The Costa Rican government has been very aggressive in combatting Zika by identifying and fumigating hundreds of thousands of mosquito breeding grounds. There is also an on-going educational campaign in all the schools.

Costa Rica has the highest population of birds and bats in the Western Hemisphere, keeping the mosquito population in check. One bat can eat upwards of 10,000 mosquitos in a night. Having lived in Costa Rica for 15 years, I can honestly say I’ve had more problems with mosquitos in my former hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada than I’ve ever had here.

For more information: http://www.premiodmc.com/update-zika-virus-costa-rica-march-24th-2017/


6. Ticos Love Gringos – Costa Ricans, or “Ticos” as they are affectionately known, love visitors! They are very proud of their beautiful country and are warm, hospitable hosts. Costa Rica has had a long and positive relationship with the USA (and Canada and Europe) so all “Gringos” are welcome. Here, the term Gringo is not a derogatory one – they simply use it for anyone who looks like they aren’t Latino. Try to speak a few words in broken Spanish and you’ll endear yourself to your hosts even more. And don’t worry if  no hable espanol , as English is spoken by everyone working in tourism. Since English is taught in the school system, most Costa Ricans have some basic knowledge of the language. And if they don’t, they’ll do their best to find someone who does speak English or, failing that, help you out with hand signals and smiles.

7. No Shots – Travelers from most countries will not require any vaccinations before entering Costa Rica. Thanks to a high standard of living and universal healthcare, Costa Rica has a healthy population and low risk of infection. If you are traveling from or have been traveling in any of these countries that are experiencing a Yellow Fever outbreak, you will need a Yellow Fever vaccination 10 days prior to entering Costa Rica: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Venezuela.

The CDC recommends travellers have the Hepatitis A vaccine, as there is a low risk of contamination via food or water. For more information, see: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/costa-rica

8. So Many Flights – Traveling to Costa Rica has never been easier or more affordable! Every month it seems another airline is announcing direct flights to the capital of San Jose (SJO) or the northern Pacific airport in Liberia (LIR). Flights are available from all over North America, England, Spain, Germany and France.

Flower Arrangement

9. Flower Power – Costa Rica is one of the major growers and exporters of flowers in the world! Orchids, hydrangeas, cala lillis, roses, freesias, birds of paradise, ginger – thanks to microclimates ranging from chilly mountain tops to humid rainforests, there is a wide range of flowers to choose from, all locally grown.

10 reasons (4)

10. World-Class Locations & Services – Imagine having a triple-Grammy award-winning duo perform for your wedding ceremony or one of the top fireworks companies in the world set off an explosion of color and lights into the night sky to finish your wedding with a bang. Imagine white-gloved waiters serving fresh, locally-grown vegetables alongside a delicious red snapper filet that was caught out of the ocean that morning. There is incredible talent and stunning locations throughout the country, all more affordable than you’d think. And a fresh, never frozen wedding feast can be had for as little as $40 a person.

With so much to offer, do and see, Costa Rica has something for every age and activity level. No matter what your wedding vision is or your budget, you’ll find a dream location for a incredible wedding celebration.

Want more information on how to create your dream wedding in Paradise? Drop us an email at info@weddingscostarica.com

For more ideas on why Costa Rica is an amazing wedding spot, check out our article in Huffington Post!

Emma & David – Zephyr Palace

Orchid bouquet

Emma and David love to have fun and their wedding day was infused with their joyous spirit at every turn, starting with Emma’s cheerful bouquet of orchids and hydrangeas.

letter press wedding invitations

As the wedding was at the beach, in the beautiful Zephyr Palace, we went with an ocean theme but in a very subtle way. The letterpressed invitations were in the signature wedding colours of coral and aquamarine blue, with a coral motif.


Coral was the focal colour, as featured in the chairs and on the letterpressed tags for the fans.


The mahogany chuppah was adorned by a lace topper, coral roses, white dendrobium orchids and hydrangeas, encircled by the white and coral chairs.

kids toys at wedding

Children played an important role in the wedding and were honoured with backpacks filled with toys to keep them entertained throughout the evening.


Rather than on a pillow, the rings were nestled on a handmade ceramic ring bowl from Paloma’s Nest. As you can see, the ring bearer took his job very seriously!

child with wedding sign

And the sign bearer was super excited to announce the bride!

Jewish wedding Villa Caletas

Emma circled her groom seven times, as is tradition.

candles with hydrangeas

Ivory wax candles on a bed of hydrangeas, brought an elegant touch to the terrace stairs.


Could these two get any cuter together?!


Their ketubah, the traditional wedding contract, was truly a work of art.

zephyr palace wedding

Zephyr Palace is such an luxurious space to work in and the wedding’s soft colour scheme.

glass charger

Custom napkins were made using fabric with a modern take on a coral motif, echoing the more classic take on coral featured on the menus. Coral rose petals under the glass chargers added a pop of colour against the aquamarine sheer overlays.

orchid rose hydrangea centerpiece

Table arrangements were created with hydrangeas, coral roses and a variety of stunning orchids, all grown in Costa Rica.

Seating card table with flowers

Calligraphied seating cards were placed in mahogany holders with a collection of large floral arrangements and smaller glass sea anemone vases with coral Mokara orchids.

orchids in shell vase


A self-serve bar was set up for guests to create their own unique libations, with letterpressed coasters scattered about the tables.

Zephyr palace wedding

Lighting really does create an entirely different atmosphere!

Hikers wedding cake

Emma and David are avid hikers, as reflected in their adorable wedding cake.

lighting menorah at wedding

As the wedding fell on the last night of Chanukah, a menorah was lit just before the guests moved from the cocktail hour to the reception.

groom playing ukele

A man of many surprises, David had taught himself to play the ukulele, unbeknownst to Emma. He jammed with the band to play “Home” to the backing of all the wedding guests singing the chorus. Needless to say, it was the highlight of this incredibly fun day!

wedding couple with gracias sign

Mazel tov you two and a massive gracias for the opportunity to be part of your special day! All the incredible photos are the work of the incomparable duo A Brit & A Blonde.

Real Wedding – Zephyr Palace & Rancho Caletas

Did you know that Villa Caletas has a few magical spots for weddings on the grounds? Today, we’re featuring the first wedding at their Rancho, which is an open-aired thatched-roof space that can easily accommodate 250 people. It’s located between Zephyr Palace and the main section of the hotel (near the ampitheater) and features the same breathtaking views.

As this wedding was in November, we had the tenting over the terrace in case it rained (being in a rainforest area, we can expect rain mid-April to December).  The view is still stunning! We enhanced the look with lush florals.


White rose petals in an intricate design were the finishing touch.



Roses, orchids, freesia and lisianthus created a romantic, dreamy look. So pretty!



After the ceremony at the Terrace, guests were whisked over to the Rancho. Although the space is very large, we used fabric and lighting to make it feel a bit cozier.



How romantic is the sweetheart table? Branches create an arch filled with lights and lanterns hanging from strings of orchids.


Tables featured beaded deluxe overlays that sparkled in the candlelight. Mercury vases were paired with candle holders and vases with touches of bling for an uber-luxe look.



A mirrored -runner on the head table reflected all the various lights for an even dreamier look.


Sliver chargers had grey napkins wrapped with a wine-coloured ribbon, topped off with a single orchid bud for an elegant look. Floral vases were wrapped in fabric of the wedding colors to bring an unexpected touch to the tables.



How flower-licious is this head table? So colouful and elegant!



There were a number of kids at the wedding so we had a special table just for them, filled with a ton of different sweets aka Sugar High Central.



How majestic is this cake? Silver with scroll work, with punches of color from the purple orchids scattered in the table. Unfortunately, we had a grey, rainy day so the incredible view of the ocean was obscured in this photo but a little rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, as the partied the night away.

Huge thanks to John Williamson for the photos.



Real Wedding – Lindsay & Michael, Zephyr Palace

white and pink bouquet, roses lisanthus hydrangeas eucalyptus bouquet, Costa Rica wedding, Weddings Costa Rica

Talk about a stunning wedding! Lindsay and Michael married at the incomparable Zephyr Palace just outside of Jaco beach. How gorgeous is this bouquet of lisianthus, roses, hydrangeas and eucalyptus?



LOVE LOVE LOVE the back of Lindsay’s dress! And that photo of her with a flower girl? Totally adorbs!


Zephyr Palace is filled with antiques, such as this handcrafted chair that is a perfect backdrop for the bride’s bouquet and robe.

And that view of the Pacific Ocean? Almost as breathtaking as Lindsay.

white and pink ceremony, white and pink ceremony canopy, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding


Is there a dreamier spot than this to marry at? The sky and ocean melding into one behind the infinity pool, giving the impression you’re floating. We dressed out the terrace with flowing white chiffon, pink roses, white orchids, hydrangeas and eucalyptus.

pink rose ball, chair decor, white and pink ceremony canopy, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

Aisle chairs were dressed with perfectly pink balls of roses. They’re so perfect that they almost don’t look real!

baby in wagon, baby at wedding, wagon at wedding, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

Cuteness factor was cranked up to 11 when their daughter rode into the wedding in a decorated wagon. Too cute!!

rustic ring boxes, wedding rings, cute wedding ring boxes, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

I love these ring boxes! So cute and functional!

striped straws, love straws, cocktail seating cards, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

Instead of typical seating cards, we attached names and table numbers to these blinged-out paper straws.

pink and white wedding reception, silver charger, siver menu, pink napkin, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

Pink white and silver were the colors of the day. Against a white flocked tablecloth, we placed silver chargers, a pink napkin and a silver menu.

pink and white wedding reception, wedding lighting, silver charger, silver menu, pink napkin, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

pink and white wedding reception, wedding lighting, silver charger, silver menu, pink napkin, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica weddingpink and white wedding reception, wedding lighting, white wedding cake, silver cake topper, wedding cake with pink and white flowers, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

The table featured large balls of roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas and eucalytpus surrounded by smaller arrangements of the same flowers and candles. Strings of Christmas tree lights and uplighting in the hallway created a magical setting.

pink and white wedding reception, wedding lighting, silver charger, silver menu, pink napkin, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica weddingbraunstein-wedding-photos-629

How delicious does this cake look? Edible sugar beading around the base of each layer with real flowers cascading downwards, topped with a custom-made cake topper (with all the bling!). Gorgeous!

sunset Villa Caletas, sunset wedding couple, Villa Caletas wedding, zephyr Palace wedding, Weddings Costa rica, Costa Rica wedding

If there’s a more beautiful spot for a sunset, I haven’t found it! Congratulations again to Lindsay and Michael! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your celebration. Massive thanks to Jennifer Alyse Weddings for the fabulous photos!

8 Tips to Save Money on Your Flight


Having a destination wedding means you’ll be buying airline tickets so why not spend as little as possible for those tickets to fly? We’ve put together our top 8 tips on saving big bucks on your trip.

#1 Be flexible with the airline. If you MUST fly the Friendly Skies to get points, you could miss out on a bargain with another carrier. Saving money is not about brand loyalty.

#2 – be an outlier. Be the traveler who is willing to fly when no one else wants to. That means the crack of dawn, the middle of the night, at lunch or dinner. Hungry, tired and cranky gets the lowest ticket price.

#3- opt for flying on a Tuesday (the cheapest day of the week to fly), Wednesday or Saturday. Avoid Fridays and Sundays as they are the most expensive travel days. Even if you have to fly a Friday or Sunday on one leg, try for one of the cheaper days the other leg as you’ll still save.

#4 – set your buying clock for 3 PM on a Tuesday. By this time, the cheapest airfares for the week have been released and all the carriers have price-matched.

#5 – it’s all in the timing. Book too early or too late and you could end up paying more. You want the timing to be juuuuuust right. For domestic flights in the US, that’s between 3 months and 30 days from your departure date. For international, you’re looking at 5.5 months to 90 days. If you’re traveling during the peak months of June, July, August or the December holidays, book 60 days in advance.

#6 – look for flights out of larger hubs, as they are cheaper than flying out of smaller airports.

#7 – look for layovers. Direct flights are more convenient but multiple stops can save you up to 50%.

BONUS SNEAKY TIP- when looking for a flight, do it as single passengers. Thanks to a weird and little known algorithm of the travel Powers That Be, multiple tickets sold in a single transaction must all be at the same price point. Say you find one ticket at $100 and the rest are $200. If you book two, you’ll pay $400. But if you book with two separate transactions, purchasing one at a time, you’ll pay $300.

And there you have it! Follow these tips and save some greenbacks (which always come in handy for your wedding or honeymoon). What tips do you have for making the most of your travel budget?

Real Wedding – Heather & Steven, Punto de Vista


Recipe for a successful wedding…

Take one stunning location (ie Manuel Antonio beach).

couple on the beach manuel antonio weddings costa rica

Add one couple who LOVE each other and having fun together.

couple showing off wedding rings

Include a healthy dash of friends and family…

Spice to taste…

hot sauce as wedding favor, Weddings Costa Rica, wedding favor

Add a dash of sweetness..

cupcakes at wedding, cute dessert display

A dash of loveliness…

A sprinkle of humour…


And voila! A perfect day of love, laughter and happily ever after! Huge props to El Velo Photography for the great photos and Villa Punto de Vista for providing such a spectacular venue!



Real Wedding – Alex & Kevin at Zephyr Palace

bride and groom sunset, weddings costa rica, bride and groom ocean view, newlyweds sunset, destination weddingAlex and Kevin chose one of the most spectacular places in the country (if not the world) to marry – Zephyr Palace at Villa Caletas. High atop a mountain, overlooking the rainforest and Pacific Ocean, it is home to lush gardens, infinity pools and architecture that harkens back to another time. Simply magical!

Villa Caletas, Costa Rica Wedding, Costa Rica Hotel, Luxury Hotel, Luxury Wedding, weddings costa rica, destination wedding

Villa Caletas view, ocean view, costa rica ocean view, weddings costa rica, destination weddingWhat an amazing view!!

Wedding dress and bouquet, white rose bouquet, bride with bouquet, weddings costa ricaWhite hydrangeas, orchids and roses create a gorgeous, lush bouquet.

bride and white rose bouquet, wedding preparations, wedding dress, bridal suite, weddings costa rica, destination weddingAlex was such a fun, relaxed bride!

wedding bouquet white roses, white rose bouquet, bridal bouquet, weddings costa rica

Groom, tan suit, teal tie, weddings costa ricaKevin was oh so dapper in his tan suit, accented by a turquoise tie and pocket square. Tan is always a great color for the guys at a beach wedding.

wedding petals, basket with bow, blue and white bow, white petals, weddings costa rica

Villa Caletas, Zephyr Palace, Weddings Costa Rica, Wedding arch, altar, ocean view wedding, ceremony site, destination weddingThe terrace at Zephyr is so stunning, it doesn’t need much to make it even more spectacular. Here, we incorporated clear chairs, white rose petals and draping topped with white florals against the jaw-dropping view.

Villa Caletas, Zephyr Palace, Weddings Costa Rica, Wedding Arch white flowers, tropical wedding, weddings costa ricaTaking cues from Alex’s bouquet, we used hydrangeas, roses, orchids and lisianthus in the altar decor.

Zephyr Palace, Bride and Parents, Weddings Costa Rica, destination weddingAlex and her parents moments before she made her grand entrance. Such an exciting moment for a bride and her family!

zephyr palace, villa caletas, ocean view wedding, wedding vows, wedding ceremony, luxury wedding, greco style wedding, destination wedding, weddings costa rica


Zephyr Palace, Villa Caletas, bride and groom, wedding garden, weddings costa rica, destination weddingZephyr Palace has fabulous photo spots throughout, like this river rock wall with the artfully placed terracotta urns and lush greenery.

wedding place cards, wedding favors, luxury wedding Zephyr Palace, weddings costa ricaUnexpected touches are what make a wedding personal and memorable. Here, we created custom boxes with each guest’s name and table number, filled with gourmet chocolate truffles. Wedding favor and escort cards in one little package – smart!

white and teal table setting, calla lilies, zephyr palace, luxury wedding, weddings costa rica, destination weddingAlex and Kevin’s reception featured a colour palette of white, gold and turquoise. Glass cylinders, in various sizes, held bunches of roses, orchids and long stemmed calas to create a contemporary and elegant table setting. Napkins brought just the right touch of colour to the setting.

zephyr palace, wedding reception, white and teal reception, luxury reception, weddings costa ricaStrings of twinkle lights in the ceiling and uplighting on the fountains in the passageway created a dramatic atmosphere to the room.

table number, white hydrangeas, wedding reception, floating candles, table decor, weddings costa ricaIs there anything more romantic that dinner by candlelight?

White Roses, zephyr palace, classic wedding, weddings costa rica, destination wedding


bride and groom dancing, wedding reception, zephyr palace wedding, wedding celebration, weddings costa rica, destination weddingDid I mention the dancing? Soon as the first dance was done, this group got down, got funky and got back up all over again. Too much fun!!

wedding cake, white and gold wedding cake, classic wedding cake, art deko wedding cake, weddings costa ricaWhat a cute cake they opted for! Cut flowers in fondant added a cheery touch to the top layer while the lower layer had classic scrolls. And yes, it tasted as delicious as it looked!

Wedding cake, cutting wedding cake, white and gold wedding cake, weddings costa rica

bride and groom dancing, wedding reception, ceiling painting, fresco, luxury wedding, weddings costa ricaCongratulations to Alex and Kevin! Thank you so much for entrusting your celebration to the team at Weddings Costa Rica. Many years of happiness in Club Wed!

Real Wedding – Camille & Emmanuel at Punto de Vista, Manuel Antonio

bride and groom kissing, wedding couple pastel colors, weddings costa rica

An adorable couple crazy in love at a jaw-dropping villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the rainforest? Nope, it’s not the elevator pitch for an epic romantic movie but the real-life wedding of Camille and Emmanuel. And we have the photos to prove it from the wildly talented Jonathan Yonkers.

wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, hanging dresses, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica, punto de vista


custom hanger, brides name on hanger, personalized dress hanger, weddings costa rica

How adorable is this customized wooden hanger? Brides, be sure to have a nice hanger for your dress as you need something strong yet pretty for photos. Etsy has oodles of great and affordable options!

bride with champagne botte, drink before the wedding, champagne before the wedding, bride opening champagne bottle, weddings costa ricaNothing like a little bubbly to celebrate the day!

wedding gift bags, champagne glasses, weddings costa rica

costa rica wedding, tropical wedding, punto de vista, wedding ceremonial site, wedding ceremony, weddings costa ricaThe 5th floor of Punta de Vista has this incredible panoramic view of the ocean. Rose petals, some soft draping and white bamboo chairs were the perfect touches to such a stunning backdrop.

bridal bouquet, bouquet of roses and tropical flowers, white and purple bouquet, weddings costa ricaSo soft and romantic, this bouquet features hydrangeas, roses, dusty miller, astribe, eucalyptus and lisianthus.

veil, bridal veil, lace dekor, wedding dress with lace, weddings costa ricaCamille’s dress had gorgeous lace detail work!

bride putting on shoes, bride and bridesmaids, weddings costa ricaBridesmaid’s brigade to the shoe rescue!

punto de vista wedding, costa rica wedding, tropical wedding ceremony, weddings costa ricaA family friend conducted the ceremony, which made the day that much more special and meaningful.

wedding ceremony, tropical wedding, wedding vows, weddings costa rica

bride and groom, wedding couple pastel colors, weddings costa ricaEmmanuel’s pink cala lily boutonniere matches perfectly with his bowtie and Camille’s bouquet. And they are so happy together!

punto de vista wedding, costa rica wedding, wedding reception decor, pastel color reception dekor, weddings costa ricaDuring the cocktail hour, super-planner Chelsea and her team switched over the space from ceremony to sumptuous dinner set up. Love the tall vases with roses and lisianthus!

carved board table number, pink white gold table decor, weddings costa ricaWooden signs with calligraphy added to the vintage feel of the decor.

wedding menu, pink and gold table decor, manuel antonio wedding, weddings costa ricaGold hobnailed glass chargers finished off the tables beautifully.

tall pastel color flower arrangement, pastel and white table decor, wedding reception decor, weddings costa rica

punto de vista wedding, costa rica weddings, wedding reception pastel color, magical wedding reception, weddings costa ricaSo pretty with the lights and lush flowers!

bride and groom dancing, bride and groom swinging, punto de vista, weddings costa ricaNothing like a first dance that rocks out.

wedding cake with roses, pink and white wedding cake, wedding cake with pink bow, weddings costa ricaHow pretty is this cake!? The circle design is modern yet the overall feel is still very romantic.  And the bow perfectly ties in the flowers, bow tie and napkins.

wedding couple cutting cake, bride and groom wedding cake, weddings costa rica


bride and groom dancing, wedding dance, wedding reception, weddings costa ricaFelicidades to Camille and Emmanuel! Huge thanks to Chelsea and crew for such a fantastic wedding and here’s wishing many happy years to the bride and groom!



Wedding Destinations for Dreamy Photo Ops

Groom holds bride's waist tenderly standing in the middle of old

*Today I’d like to welcome Sarah Caulfield from Nixplay for a guest post on gorgeous settings for beautiful weddings. 

Getting married is a big deal – something to remember for a lifetime. Naturally, you’ll want the occasion of your wedding to be memorable, not just so it sticks in your mind, but so you can bring back fantastic photos to share with people who weren’t able to be there, or to keep so everyone can see how beautiful the occasion was in every way. You can display your memorable pictures in a beautiful photo album, or if you’re more on the tech-savvy side, a digital picture frame. Regardless, these pictures are some of the most precious mementos you’ll have. And some places are just better than thers when it comes to picturesque wedding venues.

Of course, there are the standard places to go, like Hawaii, or the still-risque and almost shockingly vibrant Las Vegas, but there are many, many other places you can get married where the photos taken can inspire deep feelings for years to come. Some of them are hidden treasures you may not have ever considered otherwise.

Sea Island, Georgia, USA

Imagine the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, expansive private beaches, beautiful resorts with golf, horseback riding, boating, spas, and so much more – without ever going to the Caribbean. This is Sea Island, in the state of Georgia. If you head to the Caribbean, you’ll have to deal with tourists. Here, you can have a perfect beach wedding, without a tourist in sight, since the only people on the island are visitors to the two resorts placed there.

Park City, Utah, USA

What about an Alpine winter wedding, no travel to the Alps required? Ski season in Park City, Utah provides a beautiful snowy landscape not only great for a picturesque wedding, but for skiing. Once a mining town, it’s now the site of a number of glamourous resorts, easily the equal of what you’d find if you went to Europe. If skiing isn’t your thing, summer is a wonderful time to come, with plenty of outdoor activities to occupy you and your guests both before and after the nuptials.

Florida Keys, USA

If hot environs don’t bother you and your wedding party, a Florida Keys summer wedding can a great venue. With more than 100 miles of islands from which to choose, it’s almost impossible to not find one to your liking. These islands are an absolute paradise when it comes to wildlife and natural surroundings, which can provide you with many amazing photographic opportunities. If you really want to go for the unusual and exotic, look into an underwater ceremony in Key Largo – just remember to invest in underwater cameras!

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Spectacular fall foliage is not just found in New England. Get married on Mackinac Island in Michigan for a unique experience. A National Historical Landmark, Mackinac Island has a distinctly 19th century vibe. In fact, you’ll have to travel on the island by horse and buggy, or bike, because there isn’t a car to be found on the entire island. With venues ranging from the Victorian era to colonial forts, you can have a wedding transported backward in time to an earlier era. The northern locale can make weather tricky, so it’s best to plan your trip in October to catch the changing colors of autumn.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Leaving the U.S. behind, there are few countries as full of great wedding venues as Italy. While places like Rome or the Tuscan region will always have its share of visitors, there are some (slightly) less traveled places, like the Amalfi Coast that will give you the Italian wedding experience with somewhat less of the bustle. Being located in Italy, you can be sure you’ll have superb catering at your wedding. As for photo opportunities, the cliff-side vistas of the Mediterranean are truly spectacular.

Loire Valley, France

While Paris is lovely, it’s not the only place in France to get married. One place you might put into your list of considerations is the Loire Valley, about two hours from the City of Lights. Though popular in mid to late summer, visitors to the region outside that time frame can enjoy a memorable wedding experience without contending with large crowds. Centuries-old castles and villages are just a few of the places and memories you can capture if you choose the Loire Valley to celebrate your union.

Costa Rica

If you’re looking to have your wedding in late winter or early spring, Costa Rica may be the perfect place for you. It offers two coasts – the Caribbean and the Pacific, either one of them the perfect balance of tropical wildness and modern amenities. Naturally, it’s perfect for beach weddings, on one of the pristine stretches of white sand, but if you venture into the nation’s interior, there are mountaintops, lush rain forest reserves, and other places of natural beauty for those who want to get married close to nature in its purest form.


This is, of course, more than a place for venues. It’s a whole continent, which means you have almost unlimited options to explore for the picture perfect wedding. For those who like to stay close to city comforts, Australia offers spectacular skyscapes and architecture in many of its cities around its coasts. Those looking for more natural settings can turn to the starkly beautiful Outback, or to the teeming colors and wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s truly unique ecology can offer some truly unique photo opportunities for your wedding.

For information on ways to take memorable wedding photographs to fill your photo album and digital picture frame check out this blog post from Nixplay.com.


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Real Wedding – Maggie & Thibault, Hacienda Pinilla


Maggie and Thibault know how to have a lot of fun. She’s Costa Rican, he’s French, they live and work in London and have a joie de vivre that is universal. Not surprisingly, they had close to 100 people from all corners of the globe descend upon Hacienda Pinilla to celebrate this celebration de amor. Mil gracias to Madison Baltidano for her gorgeous photos.


Lisianthus, hydrangeas, orchids and baby’s breath created an ethereal bouquet.


What a megawatt smile!


Love the structured lines of this dress. Did I mention Maggie is an architect? No wonder her wedding had such great design!


One stylish looking groom! Thibault relaxes outside the Church before the ceremony. Love his navy linen suit and bow tie.


Hacienda Pinilla has a small chapel on its grounds which we used for the Catholic wedding ceremony. The chapel features typical Guanacaste architecture and decor, with it’s whitewashed walls, rich wooden doors and beams and clay tiled roof.



Going with an all-white floral theme, hydrangeas, calls and baby’s breath created simple yet structured arrangements for the Church entrance.


Guests were greeted with white Chinese fans and cones of rose petals.

wooden bench in Church

Inside the Church, the wooden benches are carved in typical Guanacaste-style. Such a quaint chapel!


Being a ring-bearer can be a daunting task for a little girl but she did her job beautifully.

Church wedding Costa Rica

White-washed walls, wooden beams and a view to the mall lake make the chapel at Hacienda Pinilla a lovely space for a religious wedding.


Happy hour featured a mix of fun cocktails, including a lychee mimosa (recipe below).

Lychee Mimosas

  • 2 tbsp lychee juice
  • 6 oz Brut Cava
  • 1 lychee fruit

Place lychee fruit at the bottom of a champagne flute.  Spoon lychee juice into glass.  Pour champagne over fruit and juice.

IMG_0473Each dinner table on the lawn overlooking the beach featured ivory crinkled overlays, gold chargers, gold Chiaveri chairs and custom-made golden flower holders that evoked an Art Deco theme. A riot of light, fluffy flowers such as lisianthus roses, hydrangeas and orchids created a lush counterpoint to the architectural lines of the floral base.

ivory and white table arrangement

wedding reception Las Palapas Hacienda PinillaWhite Chinese lanterns were strung over the tables and colorful LED lights lit up the trees around the dining area.

kids table at wedding Costa RicaWe set up a table just for the kids, covered in craft paper with small pots filled with markers, crayons, stickers and small toys. Professional nannies kept watch, allowing the parents to enjoy the party while the children had their own fun. Win win for everyone!

white wedding cake with ombre petalsHow beautiful is this all white cake with ombre pink rose petals? Fabulous design!

cigar roller Costa RicaCigars, get your cigars. As a surprise to their guests, the bride and groom hired a cigar roller to demonstrate the fine art of creating the perfect stogy. Fun fact – the tobacco in Costa Rica is grown from Cuban seeds, making these robustos smooth smoking.

Carnival dancer Costa RicaCarnival!! The fun and surprises continued with a group of drummers and dancers known as Carnival or comparsa, similar to the tradition found in Rio. Befeathered and bedazzled dancers shook their tail feathers to booming drums and then had the wedding guests up dancing and shimmying in a conga line. Too. much. fun!

little girl dancing at carnivalEveryone was up dancing, regardless of age!

bride and groom on beach Costa RicaWhat a celebration! Felicidades to Maggie and Thibault on one fun-filled festival of love.