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Zika Virus and Costa Rica

Unless you’ve been cut-off from all forms of communication, you’ve likely been bombarded with the media reports on on the Zika virus in Central and South America. The Center for Disease Control has issued travel advisories for affected areas, which does not include Costa Rica. At this time, there are NO CASES OF ZIKA CONTRACTED WITHIN COSTA RICA. We have two cases of it and both were contracted outside of the country, in Columbia and Honduras.  The Costa Rican government has already fumigated the area around the victims’ homes to prevent mosquitos from possibly biting him and spreading the disease. They are being proactive and diligent, monitoring all passengers entering Costa Rica for signs of infection. 

There are cases of Zika in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Arkansas, Texas, and Massachusettes – currently, the USA has more cases of it than Costa Rica.  The World Health Organization says by this summer, it will have spread all over the Americas, including the USA, except in Canada and Chile. 

What is Zika?

* It is a virus transmitted through bites from the same kind of mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti, that can spread other tropical diseases, like dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever. It is not known to spread from person to person. The only areas in the Americas without this mosquito are Canada and Chile. There are no vaccines for it at present time.

* 80% of people infected show no symptoms. Those who do experience mild, flu-like symptoms, with  fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes, which last no more than a week. Symptoms typically occur about two to seven days after the mosquito bites. If affected, the WHO recommends rest, liquids and acetaminophen for fever and pain.

* The virus is gone from the bloodstream within five to seven days There is no evidence to suggest it would lie dormant and pop up again. If you get it, you likely won’t know, will have mild symptoms and then will be immunized for life.

* Deaths and hospitalizations caused by the Zika virus are rare. Fetuses and newborns are particularly at risk, though. The disease is suspected of causing two serious complications: neurological problems and birth defects in babies born to infected women. But while there appears to be a connection with Zika, researchers have not definitively confirmed a causal link.

* It’s spreading in many different countries where people are in close quarters, lots of mosquitoes are more present, and where there is a lack of screens on windows, air conditioning in buildings and insect repellent (which are not the conditions found throughout Costa Rica)

In short, the Zika virus will likely have NO effect on those whom may contract it.  The biggest concern is with pregnant women and the possibility of the baby contracting microcephaly.  CDC says that “knowledge of the link between Zika and these outcomes is evolving.” Until more is known, it recommends “special precautions for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.”

What About Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a tropical country however, we do not have the same issues with mosquitos found in other countries, such as Brazil where it is epidemic, for a few reasons:

a) Costa Rica has the highest population of birds and bats in the Western Hemisphere, which keep the bug population in check – bats eat between 600 – 1000 mosquitos an hour.

I’ve honestly had way more problems with mosquitos in Canada than I’ve ever had in Costa Rica. Because we have low urban populations compared to other countries, there are more bats all over the country. And the beach areas are not densely built so Mother Nature keeps the bugs in check. 

b) the areas of Brazil with the highest concentration of Zika are cities with standing water, which proliferate during the wet, hot summer. Costa Rica does not have similar urban conditions as Brazil nor as the other countries with high Zika rates.

c) Costa Rica spends over $6 million USD a year fumigating the country, which is the size as West Virginia. Because dengue is present, the Health Department  is very diligent with fumigation, on-going educational campaigns as well as door to door inspections to minimize standing water/breeding grounds. Thanks to this diligence, Costa Rica’s dengue infection rate is quite low. 

d) Costa Rica has been focused on iradicating Aedes aegypti mosquito (which transmits dengue and Zika) for years already. This is one reason why surrounding countries have Zika but Costa Rica has not yet a case of infection caused in-country. 

e) hotels and resorts spray their grounds on a regular basis to keep the mosquitos away.

f) repellent is very effective when applied regularly

How to Prevent Contracting Zika

* wear insect repellant. Apply it AFTER you’ve applied sunscreen

* stay in a location with air conditioning or screens on the windows

You can also go one step further and wear clothing that contains permethrin, which is a synthetic insecticide that started showing up in consumer products in 2003. These products have been tested by the EPA and determined to be effective at deterring pests, and safe for children and women who are pregnant or nursing.

If anything, Costa Rica is better equipped to deal with mosquitos than many states and countries, as we have on-going anti-dengue campaigns to keep the mosquito population down. 

Costa Rica is working hard to keep Zika out of the country and non-pregnant visitors taking regular precautions against insects should have no issues. 

beach wedding, bride and groom on beach, distination wedding, manuel antonio wedding

Amanda and Chris were referred to us by a friend of theirs who was a former bride of ours and we were absolutely thrilled to work with such a warm and wonderful couple. Extra awesome points for being fellow Canadians ;)  A fantastic couple like this had a fantastic wedding at the aptly named, Casa Fantastica. As you can see from the fab photos by fellow Canucks A Brit & A Blonde, fun and fabulousness ensued.

before the wedding, bride getting ready, bridal suite

Destination wedding, wedding passport, passport invitation, destination wedding ticket

Destination weddings usually have a sense of playfulness and their invites set the fun tone perfectly.

wedding favor, wedding gift bag, wedding brown paper bag

Programs printed on paper bags did double-duty, holding rose petals for tossing at the end of the ceremony.

beach decor, beach wedding decor, coconuts and starfish

Amanda wanted an organic beach feel so we used objects that one might find washed ashore to decorate the aisle with. Antique bottles, coconuts, shells and driftwood created a unique atmosphere for the ceremony under a canopy of palm trees.

beach wedding, destination wedding, tropical wedding, wedding ceremony, ceremony site, beach altar

beach decor, beach wedding decor, seashell and rose petals

beach wedding sign, beach wedding, destination wedding

bridesmaids, bridesmaid bouquets, beach wedding, white hydrangea and rose bouquets

All the pretty maids in a row, wearing dresses in varying tones of pink and coral. Their full bouquets featured hydrangeas, roses and Peruvian lillies.

just married, beach wedding, newlyweds, couple dancing down the aisle

Husband and wife got their groove on, dancing down the aisle in a shower of rose petals.

seating chart, poolside reception, runaway monkey, wedding squirrel monkey, tropical wedding costa rica wedding, monkey wedding

With a wedding in Manuel Antonio, you might have some furry little party crashers like this Titi Monkey. Sorry, Curious George, your names isn’t on the seating blackboard!

wedding reception, poolside wedding, tropical wedding, destination wedding

The reception was held at Casa Fantastica, where we created a romantic, vintage look with white Paris chairs, sand coloured linens and colourful flowers under a canopy of twinkle lights.

wedding reception decor, table decor, rose and lily arrangement

Driftwood, succulents and bottles in blue created a rustic look. .

pool side wedding reception, tropical wedding, destination wedding, pink and sand table decor

driftwood flower arrangement, calla lilies rose and hydrangea, tropical flower bouquet

orchid and rose flower arrangement, driftwood and tropical flowers, tropical flower arrangement

Wedding reception, tropical wedding reception, pink and grey table decor

wedding decor, reception decor, wedding collage

Amanda and Chris love to cycle so their guest book poster and custom cake topper reflected their passion to pedal.

wedding cake, pink and aquamarine wedding cake, pink and aquamarine fondant, rose decor wedding cake

bride and groom dancing, wedding dance, wedding reception

love art, illuminated love sign, love sign, love lights

A shabby chic table housed a sweet bar, anchored by a lit- love sign.

tropical wedding, beach wedding, wedding reception, destination wedding, wedding party

Dancing by the pool, under the stars made for an unforgettable party.

bride and groom on beach, classic wedding, romantic wedding picture, beach wedding bride and groom sunset

Felicidades, Amanda and Chris! May all your days together be fantastica!

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Real Weddings – Vanessa & Karim at Manuel Antonio

bride and groom on the beach, beach wedding, manuel antonio wedding, costa rica wedding, destination wedding, weddings costa rica

Ah, l’amour! Vanessa and Karim traveled all the way from France to celebrate their love on the beaches of Manuel Antonio, along with family and friends from across Europe. It was a week of fun, sun and pura vida.

manuel antonio costa rica, costa rica beach, destination wedding, weddings costa rica

The intimate group stayed in a couple of villas, Vista Azul and Dolce Vita,  next to each other, each with incredible views like this. Paradise found!

ceremon site, beach wedding site, beach altar, wedding under palm trees, weddings costa rica

Sand, surf and some much needed shade under swaying palm trees set the scene for the ceremony.

Wedding dresses, mother daughter wedding dresses, weddings costa rica

Vanessa and Karim’s daughter was cute as a button in her flowergirl dress. So adorable!

blue and white chair arrangment, beach wedding, beach wedding seating, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica

Using a palette of white, turquoise and tones of blue, we dressed the chairs with paper cones filled with rose petals.

pretty beach table, beach wedding decor, tropical wedding, beach wedding, weddings costa rica

Incorporating a sand ceremony, we used turquoise sand as well as sand from Manuel Antonio beach.

white and quamarine seating arrangement, aquamarine fan, wedding decor, weddings costa rica

Paper fans (turquoise, of course!) kept guests cool in the tropical heat.

wedding musician, beach wedding, ceremony music, weddings costa rica

Live music adds a special touch to any event.

wedding vows, bride and groom getting married, weddings costa rica

That moment when words just aren’t enough…

Floating candles, white flower table decor, wedding reception decor, weddings costa rica

Ou la, la, was the reception ever chic, with white sequined overlays, silver mercury candles, mirrored boxes filled with white peonies, roses, lisianthus, orchids and hydrangeas. Turquoise pillar candles and napkins added just a touch of colour.

white and aquamarine table decor, white flower table arrangement, wedding reception, weddings costa rica

white and aquamarine table setting, wedding table setting, weddings costa rica

Silver stones had each guest’s name handwritten on them.

white and turquoise table decor, white flower arrangement, weddings costa rica

white and aquamarine table decor, wedding reception decor, weddings costa rica

white and aquamarine table arrangment, white and aquamarine table decor, wedding reception, weddings costa rica

While Louis chairs added Old World charm/modern elegance to the table.

White flower arrangement, white table decor, white wedding, weddings costa rica

Lush, fluffy florals juxtapose beautifully against the mirrored boxes, creating a romantic look that was very contemporary.

bride and groom sunset, beach wedding, destination wedding, weddings costa rica

And what about that sunset? Incroyable!

wedding party on beach, beach sunset, sunset wedding, destination wedding, weddings costa rica

bride and groom at sunset, bride and groom on beach, beach wedding, sunset wedding, destination wedding, weddings costa rica

Merci beaucoup to our good friends A Brit & A Blonde for capturing the day and felicitationes to Vanessa and Karim!!

Casas de Las Brisas, bride and groom, groom with hat and bride, beach wedding, bride and groom at dusk, weddings costa rica

Renae and Nick come down from the Great White North to celebrate their wedding at Casa Las Brisas in Manuel Antonio. It was an event filled with love and laughter and loads of fun style. Huge props to El Velo Photography for capturing all the loveliness.

Casas de Las Brisas, wedding dress and shoes, wedding gown, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, bride, bride with bouquet, bride black and white, wedding dress, weddings costa rica

Love her bouquet of freesia, eucalyptus, orchids and roses! Great textures.

Casas de Las Brisas, bride standing at window, bridal dress, bride black and white, wedding dress, weddings costa rica

Gorgeous dress!

yellow orchid bouquet, brides maids bouquet, wedding bouquet, weddings costa rica, Casas de Las Brisas

Using a palette of mint, yellow, grey and old gold, we wove in touches of burlap and lace to give a rustic feel. These bridesmaids bouquets have a cheery collection of lisianthus, freesia and eucalyptus.

Casas de Las Brisas, wedding site, wedding altar, wedding arch, arch with yellow flower arrangement, ocean view wedding, weddings costa rica

The terrace at Casa Las Brisas has a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding rainforest. A driftwood altar featured a touch of freesias, roses and eucalyptus, the aisle outlined by yellow rose petals and colourful parasols kept guests shaded from the bright tropical sun.

Casas de Las Brisas, wedding umbrella, japanese style umbrella, wedding site, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, in memory sign, wedding memorial sign, memorial sign, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, white orchid boutonniere, boutonniere, grooms boutonniere, weddings costa rica

A single phalaenopsis orchid with a touch of rosemary and a mum for a boutonniere.

Casas de Las Brisas, wedding vows, tropical wedding, costa rica wedding, wedding ceremony, bride and groom holding hands, wedding yellow flowers, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, aqua bridesmaids dresses, yellow orchid bouquet, bridesmaids yellow orchid bouquet, aqua colored dress, weddings costa rica

Such fun bridesmaids dresses, perfect for the heat. And that blue just pops against the yellow flowers.

Casas de Las Brisas, flower arrangement, yellow orange and white flower arrangement, wedding flower decor, wedding arch with flower decor, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, newlyweds kissing, beach wedding, bride and groom on beach, weddings costa rica

Ahh, Manuel Antonio beach. Such a picturesque setting for wedding portraits.

Casas de Las Brisas, groom on the beach, groom with hat, groom with boutonniere, groom with hat and boutonniere, weddings costa rica

Nick looking dapper.

Casas de Las Brisas, bride sunset, bride with bouquet, rose and green succulent bouquet, weddings costa rica

Renae looking so lovely.

Casas de Las Brisas, wedding couple at beach, beach wedding, newlyweds beach, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, kiss behind hat, bride and groom funny, newlyweds kissing, beach wedding, costa rica wedding, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, newlyweds sunset, wedding couple sunset, beach wedding, costa rica wedding, sunset wedding, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, wedding reception, table decor lanterns, orchids and lantern arrangement, weddings costa rica

During the cocktail hour and photo session, we switched out the terrace from ceremony to dinner setting. Light grey linens were paired with light blue napkins wrapped with a lace ring. White lanterns, mason jars and Chiavari chairs added a vintage touch while freesias, roses and lisianthus in bright yellows added a charge of colour. Strings of Christmas lights overhead and coloured uplighting around the terrace’s perimeter created a magical glow.

Casas de Las Brisas, beach reception, wedding table setting, blue and tan table setting, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica

Casas de Las Brisas, rose and green succulent cake, rose and green succulent wedding cake, wedding cake, two tier wedding cake, weddings costa rica

Mmm, cake! A lace wrapped two-layer cake, with touches of succulents, lisianthus, orchids and mums sat atop a sparkly gold glitter cake stand as the piece de resistance.

Felicidades to Renae and Nick – many happy, fun-filled years together and mil gracias for allowing us to be a part of your celebration!!

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Real Wedding – Tanya & Albert at Arenal

bride and groom kissing, newlyweds, weddings costa rica

Tanya and Albert are a couple that smiles easily and often and their joy is infectious. Even a heavy downpour during their wedding ceremony couldn’t dampen their happiness!

They chose one of the most magical hotels in the Arenal Volcano area, The Springs, which pampered them and their guests with great food and exceptional service. Massive gracias to FunkyTown Photography for the gorgeous photos!

sunflower table arrangement, rehearsal dinner arrangement, weddings costa rica

The night before the wedding, guests enjoyed a celebration full of colour and music that had them salsa-ing a storm up!

jazz singer, jazz guitarist, wedding band, latino band, latino singer, weddings costa rica

fireworks, couple kissing, rehearsal dinner fireworks, weddings costa rica

Ending the party with a bang (literally!), everyone went to bed with visions of fireworks dancing in their heads. Tomorrow was going to be epic!

costa rica wedding invitations, wedding tickets, weddings costa rica

Their save the dates looked like luggage tags while the talented team at Monumental Designs.

custom stamps, personalized stamps, costa rica stamps, sloth stamp, wedding invitation stamp, weddings costa rica

Customized stamps of the couple and their favourite animal, the sloth, made each invitation extra unique.

Wedding ceremony site, ceremony site rain, rainy wedding, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica

Despite the pouring rain and the raging river, the ceremony set up was cheerful and bright. The rose petal aisle in a curvy design popped against the deep green of the lawn.

rose flower arrangement, white red and purple flower arrangement, weddings costa rica

Colouful flowers like roses, orchids and lisianthus in deep purples, reds, green and white brightened the grey day.

purple chair, wedding designated seating, chair sign wedding, weddings costa rica

Cones of rose petals were adorned with their initials.

newlyweds, wedding celebration, bride and groom saying vows, weddings costa rica

arenal wedding, costa rica wedding, tropical wedding, bride and groom walking the aisle, bride with orchid bouquet, weddings costa rica

Smiles all around for the new Mr. and Mrs.!

seating cards, seating card tree, orchid theme seating cards, weddings costa rica

Handpainted seating cards hang from an orchid “tree”.

giant orchid flower arrangment, white and pink orchids, orchid theme wedding reception, weddings costa rica

purple wedding menu, purple orchid wedding menu, weddings costa rica

wedding reception, tropical wedding reception, tropical wedding, orchid theme wedding reception, arenal wedding, weddings costa rica

white and red orchids, orchid table arrangement, orchid wedding table arrangement, weddings costa rica

tube vase with orchids, floating orchids, tube vase, weddings costa rica

Table arrangements featured hydreangeas and orchids, candles and deluxe overlays.

pastel color orchids, purple and pink orchid, orchid theme wedding reception, weddings costa rica

Wedding Reception, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica

Strings of lights and uplighting transformed the rancho into a magical setting.

classical guitar, asian guitar player, classic guitar player, chamber trio, weddings costa rica

Live music always hits the right note.

purple candy, wedding candy, candy arrangement, weddings costa rica

Tanya is a paediatrician so it’s no surprise that she wanted the children to be VIPs at the wedding. Their table was laden with candy centerpieces, toys, games and colouring books.

chocolate wedding cake, sloth cake figures, bride and groom sloth cake figures, weddings costa rica

The groom’s cake was topped with bride and groom sloths. Cutest cake ever!

bride and groom with masks, bride and groom dancing, wedding dance, wedding dance party, weddings costa rica

wedding party, samba wedding, samba celebration, bride with samba dancers, tropical wedding, costa rica weddings

Dancers and drummers and dancing – oh my! Everyone was shaking a tail feather with the comparse group, taking the fun level up to 11.

wedding dance, bride and groom dancing, wedding reception, costa rica weddings

It was truly a magical day and one where every detail was carefully thought out to ensure each guest was treated like royalty. Tanya and Albert are truly a king and queen of hospitality. Wishing you every joy now and forever!

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Real Wedding- Vanessa and Leomir, Villa Caletas

Zephyr Palace

Vanessa and Leomir married at Zephyr Palace and held the reception at the Mirardor Terrace of Villa Caletas. The location was jaw-dropping, as was the couple. Although it was a small wedding,  with only 14 people in total, the fun, love and joy was enough to fill a venue three times the size. Great things come in small packages, as they say.

Villa Caletas

Look at those views!

Ceremony Site

Dramatic draping on the pillars, echoed on the chairs and full arrangements of flowers at the aisle entrance created an elegant, classic setting.

Fans and Flowers

Handwoven fans from a local indigenous women’s cooperative kept guests cool while helping impoverished artisans create a better life for themselves and their families.

Ceremony Decor

Everything about this ceremony was chic, classically elegant and lush.

Setting the Mood

Nothing like live music for a ceremony!

Bride and Groom

Mr. and Mrs.

Vanessa looked like a fairy-tale princess with her prince.

Bride and Groom

Floating Lanterns

The pool terrace at Zephyr Palace is one of the most magical spots anywhere for a wedding. Although Vanessa and Leomir were able to release sky lanterns, the practice is no longer allowed by the Ministry of the Environment as the surrounding forest is a fire hazard.


Wow, wow, wow. Luxe overlays, dramatic lighting and incredible florals created a reception space that took your breath away.


Candles and vases were wrapped in gold ribboning adorned with rhinestoned brooches for luxurious look.

Table Setting

Customized menus featured a gold ribbon with a ‘diamond’ atop a gold hob-nailed base plate.


Even their custom champagne glasses were elegant to the max.

Reception Decor

Chairs were dressed with a chiffon sash and a rhinestone band. The bride and groom’s chairs had the added touch of rose floral balls, repurposed from the ceremony chairs.

Flower Arrangement

How stunning was this centerpiece? Roses, hydrangeas, orchids, lisianthus and crystals combined to created a magnificent display of floral beauty.

The Cake

The wedding cake mirrored the circular designs of the exquisite overlays.

Wedding Cake

Amazingly, the roses on the cake were handmade out of sugar.

Gift Frame Each guests received a gold and rhinestone frame to remember the day by.Chair Decoration

Place Setting


Decor and Lighting

Bride and GroomFelicidades to Vanessa and Leomir on a wedding that proved intimate can still be incredibly luxurious. Many thanks to Funkytown for the incredible photos.

newlyweds, beach wedding, wedding couple at beach, costa rica wedding   Jennifer and Margarito had one of the most heartfelt weddings ever. Not even unexpected rain in February could dampen the warm love shared by their friends and dress, bridesmaid dresses, bridal dress, wedding gown   Chiffon is always a great choice for tropical weddings as it travels well, is a lighter fabric and it moves so nicely. The tropics are hot so keep your wardrobe choices light and flowy.bridal shoes, wedding shoes   Experiencing serious shoe envy here. Gorgeous!wedding preparations, bride and bridesmaids, wedding suite, wedding dress alterations   wedding bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, wedding bouquet roses   Roses, orchids, peonies and astribe created colourful dress, putting on wedding dress   That touch of rhinestones on the belt added a luxe detail.bride, bride wedding dress, wedding day   Jennifer made one beautifully blushing bride.beach wedding, beach wedding shoe valet, beach wedding sign   Who says a barefoot wedding can’t be elegant?wedding refreshments, beach wedding refreshments, rose wedding refreshments   A cheery water bar at the beach made sure guests stayed hydrated and cool.Rose bouquet, beach wedding, wedding aisle flowers, beach wedding bouquets   Elegant Paris chairs were bedecked with small bouquets of hydrangeas, roses and greenery to bring a pop of colour.walking down the aisle, beach wedding, costa rica wedding   Such a dramatic dress! I adore this shot of Jennifer approaching the altar under the canopy of trees in front of the beach.beach wedding, wedding ceremony, costa rica wedding, wedding canope   A white canopy with small bouquets of flowers, elegant white lanterns and a dramatic white aisle vows, beach wedding, wedding canope, tropical wedding   There are so many ways to decorate a canopy with fabric – here, we opted to criss-cross the material to give more visual interest.rose and white hydrangea bouquet, beach wedding canope with flowers, beach wedding, tropical wedding   White pink purple bouquet, wedding bouquet, bride, beach wedding   Such a beautiful shot of Jennifer! And her bouquet is so lovely, with it’s mini-cala lillies, roses, hydrangeas and peonies.Beach wedding, costa rica wedding   Doesn’t matter how many people attend your wedding, all that matters is that there is menu, wedding table decor, table decor roses   Using a colour palette of coral, gold and ivory, we dressed the imperial table with Art Deco-styled chargers, coral napkins and seashells painted gold as seating card holders. golden seashell, seashell table decor, weddings costa rica gold and rose table decor, table decor with roses, bamboo room separators, weddings costa rica tropical wedding reception, wedding reception rose bamboo decor, weddings costa rica wedding reception, message in a bottle, weddings costa rica rose and gold table decor, rose and orchid arrangement, festive table decor, weddings costa rica wedding toast, bride and groom toasting their guests, wedding champagne, weddings costa rica wedding cake, wedding cake roses, art deco wedding cake   The swirled icing flowers mimicked the chiffon flowers of the tablecloth, tying the decor elements cake, cutting wedding cake, newlyweds wedding cake   newlyweds dancing, couple dancing, wedding receptionFelicidades to Jennifer and Margarito! Wishing you many happy years together! Big thanks to El Velo Photography for the beautiful photos.

sunset wedding, newlyweds sunset, beach wedding, tropical wedding, bride and groom beach, weddings costa rica   Whitney and Andrew may look like models in a wedding magazine but I assure you, they are a real life bride and groom, a gorgeous couple dressed to the nines in the magical setting of Punto de Vista and Manuel Antonio beach. And that stunning sunset? 100% natural. Amazingly, they are from the beautiful island of Bermuda yet they chose our little Paradise of Costa Rica for their wedding celebration. And from all accounts, their Bermudian friends and family fell head over heels with the land of Pura Vida.white roses and jewels, wedding bouquet with jewels, white roses, white rose bouquet with charms, weddings costa rica   Whitney created her own bouquet out of silk flowers and rhinestone pins. Lovely!   bride, bride in shadows, mystical bride, weddings costa rica   How breathtaking is this portrait of Whitney?punto de vista, manuel antonio wedding, ocean view wedding, costa rica wedding, weddings costa rica   We held the ceremony on the top floor of Punto de Vista, which offers jaw-dropping vistas of the Pacific ceremony, wedding ceremony chairs, chairs with fans, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica   White with pops of red were the colour program, funny wedding progra, so you're going to sit through a wedding, weddings costa rica   The couple made these hilarious programs about being a guest at a wedding. Too funny!!wedding program, funny wedding program, weddings costa rica   punto de vista, manuel antonio wedding, costa rica wedding, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica   We created a waterfall of lights outlined with soft fabric for the ceremony altar.candles and rose petals, floating candles and rose petals, weddings costa rica   Cylinders with red petals and floating candles decorated the altar area.   wedding ceremony, tropical wedding, punto de vista wedding, costa rica wedding, weddings costa rica   kiss the bride, bride and groom kissing, wedding ring, newlyweds, weddings costa rica   Ladies, be sure you have a great manicure for those ring shots. Love how Whitney had silver sparkles on her ring finger table chart, reception table chart, wedding reception, weddings costa rica  Twilight fans will recognize the quote as Edward’s toast to his bride, Bella, in the movie. Whitney is a huge Twilight fan and had A Thousand Years as the theme song for the wedding – her bridal party record their own version for the walk down the aisle!wedding wishes, wedding notes, wedding guest notes, wedding guest comments, wedding costa rica   mr and mrs table sign, wedding reception, bride and groom table, red and white table decor, weddings costa rica   To create the ethereal, romantic feel of the Twilight wedding, we placed lace overlays atop grey silk shantung tablecloths. Floating candles and votives framed a pillar candle sitting in a ring of airy baby’s breath. ocean view reception, ocean view wedding, punto de vista, manuel antonio, weddings costa rica   Strings of Christmas lights created a magical feel for the dinner. Although we’d used the same area for the ceremony, the lighting and addition of dinner tables totally transformed the reception, babies breath table decor, red table number, weddings costa rica   wedding menu, wedding table decor, red and white table decor, babies breath table decor, weddings costa rica   As each guest had ordered a different main course, we had a specific seating plan to facilitate the dinner service. Rather than a typical tent card for guest seating, we created a band with the guest’s name backed by lace.  Practical and pretty!rose petals, floating candles, romantic decor, weddings costa rica   white and red table decor, red napkins, wedding menu, weddings costa rica candle glass with babies breath, wedding table decor, weddings costa rica   bride and groom dancing, wedding dance, wedding reception, tropical wedding, weddings costa rica   Whitney and Andrew’s first dance to A Thousand Years. white rose and charm bouquet, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, weddings costa ricaFelicidades Whitney and Andrew! We wish you a thousand years of happiness. Huge thanks to Funkytown Photography for the creative and beautiful photos.

bride and groom on the beach, bride and groom at sunset, beach wedding, costa rica wedding, weddings costa rica Imagine the wedding of a professional baseball player and a producer for Oprah. Amazing, right? Well, daydream no more as here is the gorgeousness that was Bo and Neha’s celebration of love and laughter. Enjoy! Tropical flower arrangement, garden party, weddings costa rica   A rehearsal dinner on the the lawn of the Los Suenos Marriott kicked off the festivities. We went for bright, tropical colours and flowers in bamboo vases.outdoor rehersal dinner, garden party, yellow table decor, weddings costa rica   orange and purple table decor, tropical flower arrangement, elegant rehersal dinner, weddings costa rica   Dinner was held under an open-aired tent, as we were in December and transitioning from Rainy to Dry season. Luck was with us as the day and night was perfectly gorgeous.Tropical flower decor, table number, tropical wedding, tropical flowers, weddings costa rica   summer party, tropical party, tropical rehersal dinner, yellow table decor, weddings costa rica   Kalire, bridal bouquet and kalire, white orchid bouquet, weddings costa rica   Neha’s bouquet of white hydrangeas, orchids and lisianthus was so romantic and soft, providing a neutral palette for her stunning red and gold jewels.costa rica wedding invitation, wedding invitation, destination wedding, weddings costa rica   Letterpressed invitations are always an elegant touch. And I love how the yellow pops against the grey!Sari wedding dress, tropical wedding, indian wedding dress, weddings costa rica   Indian bride, ruby headpiece, bride getting make up, headpiece jewelry   Neha was truly a princess on her wedding day – how beautiful!wedding sari, sari, beaded sari, sari with jewels, weddings costa rica   Zepher Palace, tropical wedding, ocean view wedding, wedding by the pool, weddings costa rica   Zephryr Palace’s stunning poolside terrace was the setting for the ceremony. The bright yellow rose petals added a pop of colour against the grey sky. A little rain fell but nothing could dampen anyone’s spirits!wedding program, wedding program fan, weddings costa rica   Weddings in the tropics are hot, so having fans for guests is always a great idea. Making them play double-duty as a uber-helpful program is pure genius.Mango mojito, wedding refreshments, weddings costa rica   Neha and Bo tagged their wedding as BoHa  so we played on the theme by having the signature cocktail be a Boho Mojo.indian wedding, bride and groom, wedding vows, groom with lei, weddings costa rica   The wedding ceremony was a fusion of Eastern and Western wedding traditions. Zepher Palace, wedding couple, tropical wedding, costa rica wedding, weddings costa rica   The entrance-way at Zephyr Palace is a majestic spot for photos. Luckily, the rains stopped for cocktail and photo hour!Zepher Palace, ceiling painting, ceiling art, elegant wedding reception, weddings costa rica   Light grey linen tablecloths provided a neutral backdrop for the bright yellow napkins and florals in white, orange and yellow. Zepher Palace, white and yellow table decor, giant tube vase with roses, weddings costa rica   yellow and white table decor, festive table, stemware, weddings costa rica   Wedding menu, yellow napkin, yellow and white table decor, weddings costa rica   Red and white orchids, white and yellow table decor, elegant table decor, weddings costa rica   bride and groom chairs, Zepher Palace, weddings costa rica   Seating Cards, seating cards on world map, international wedding, weddings costa rica       Keeping with the global travellers theme, the seating cards were small luggage tags tacked on a reproduction of a 16th Century map.bindi bar, weddings costa rica   Bindi are the little jewels Indian ladies attach onto their foreheads. Our Bindi Bar was a huge hit with guests who got their Bollywood on.picture arrangement, pictures of relatives, retro wedding decor, international wedding decor, weddings costa rica   Photos of relatives, some dearly departed, were placed at the guest book table as a way to include and honour them.postcard holder, wedding postcards, weddings costa rica Guests wrote their best wishes on reproductions of old Costa Rican postcards, another aspect of the traveller theme woven into the wedding. fireworks   Fireworks! Everyone was amazed by the pyrotechnics.bride and groom kissing, bride and groom retro, hand carved wooden door, weddings costa ricaWhat a couple, what a celebration – a home run for sure! Felicidades to Neha and Bo for many more wonderful travels and celebrations to come.

Many thanks to A Brit & A Blonde for the photos!

beach wedding, newlyweds, bride and groom sunset, costa rica weddingWhere do I even begin with this crazy, unique, FUN wedding? Jacqui is a dancer in a blacklight theatre company that performs the world over. Peter is a production genius and sound guru who criss-crosses the US of A working on huge productions. Not surprisingly, their wedding celebration was completely extraordinary and one of a kind. The folks over at Rock ‘n Roll Bride agreed and featured this incomparable wedding on their blog.Wedding bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dress, alternative wedding dress, white rose and hydrangea bouquetI remember when Jacqui posted the fabric for the wedding clothes from Mood (yes, the fabric fantasyland we’ve swooned over on Project Runway). I literally squealed. The final products were stunning! costa rica wedding, wedding receptionDiscovery House, right on the beach of Manuel Antonio, is chockfull of artistic touches, making it the perfect setting. wedding preparations, bride getting hair done, bride hairdresserEven with tin foil hair curlers, Jacqui is gorgeous. Seriously. alternative wedding, bride, wedding dress, alternative wedding dressHow incredible are those golden paint tattoos? Jacqui created those for her and the entire wedding crew. Wedding passport, destination wedding, wedding necklaceThe wedding invitations resembled passports and old Costa Rican colon coins were refashioned into a necklace so each guest would have a wearable momento. costa rica beach, tropical beach, beach weddingManuel Antonio’s palm-fringed beach. groom and groomsmen, tropical wedding, alternative weddingPeter and his groomsmen cutting a suave figure in linen and khaki. floating candle, wedding programs, beach wedding, ceremony site, wedding arch, tropical weddingSimplicity and natural was the look for the ceremony, with bamboo chairs, green coconuts and palm leaves lining the aisle and a driftwood arch with fabric and a touch of greenery with flowers. mimosa bar, tropical wedding, costa rica wedding, wedding refreshmentsMmmmmimosa bar! A great way to welcome guests, keep them cool and get the party started in an elegant way. tropical wedding, wedding arch, beach weding wedding canope, ceremony canope wedding ceremony, beach wedding, wedding glow sticks, fun weddingAt the end of the ceremony, Jacqui and Peter planted neon glos sticks into the sand and then invited their guests to do the same, creating an installation piece with over 1000 glow sticks. wedding glow sticks, fied of glow sticks, fun wedding, beach weddingThe darker the lighting became, the more incredible the glow stick ‘field’ looked! wedding couple, wedding beach walk, beach wedding, costa rica wedding white rose and hydrangea bouquet, wedding bouquet, bride on the beach, beach weddingLove her bouquet of roses, hydrangeas and eucalyptus! beach wedding, costa rica wedding, wedding couple, newlyweds     sunset, costa rica sunset, beach wedding, bride sunset They even had an incredible sunset. What a perfect day it was! wedding reception, field of glow sticks, tropical wedding     Glow furniture, wedding reception glow furnitureWe augmented the LED field with lounge furniture that was also LED. The entire beach area was a canvas of artistic and unexpected lighting.Neon fields, glow furniture, glow sticks, beach wedding       glow furniture, beach wedding glow furniture       bride dancing with friends, wedding celebration, wedding reception, tropical wedding     And what a party it was! Everyone danced, sang and had the night of their lives.bride, bouquet toss, wedding reception  Even an unconventional bride still opts for tradition – the bouquet toss was undoubtedly one of the most creative one I’ve seen and Jacqui’s friend did an incredible job leading it. bride and groom neon field, wedding neon field       Love this amazing shot the photographer Peach Plum Pear set up!neon wedding reception, neon field wedding, beach weddingJacqui and Peter’s celebration was truly all aglow. Felicidades and wishing you many years of illuminated love together!

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